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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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I have been looking recently and fount that there is no todd and the book of pure evil fanfic.
This challenge is to take any character from the buffyverse and have them confronting eather the book of pure evil, or todd the pure evil one.
Seeing as todd is a humerous show it would be cool if the fic slants that way but it isn't necisary
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On Halloween xander dressed as a soldier and kept the memories. What the others don't know is that they weren't simply the memories of a army grunt from Vietnam. He is now the embodyment of war. Aries emisary on earth. He has memories from every war in history.
Skip a few years and xander is on his post graduation road trip. First stop. Seacouver.
Weather he's a preimortal human or something else alltogether remains to be seen
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This one is pretty simple the adventures of xander as the doctors companion.
Xander leaves on his road trip and meets the doctor as they both save the same town from alien invasion.
Once the dust settles xander decides to travel with the doctor. I would like it to be the tenth doctor buy that really isn't a big deal (you know how we all have our favorite doctor )
Like I said a fairly simple one.
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We all know that at the end of season three Xander leaves sunnyd on a not so epic road trip which ends with him working as a male stripper in Oxnard. But what if it didn't.
So here's the challenge. Xander leaves. He sees the world. He meets a stranger who trains him. He becomes an assassin.
Now just because he becomes an assassin doesn't mean you have to make him evil. I see him more as the avenging angel sort. Righting wrongs killing bad men.
Now there are a few ways to take this story. One is to have him join the order of teraka. This is an idea which I feel is sorely unde...
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