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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author DarthTenebrus

Pick your favorite Scooby and write his or her political backstory, culminating in his or her becoming the US President. How would a Scooby President handle the war with the supernatural world with the resources now available? How does a Scooby juggle the responsibilities of prosecuting that and managing the Washington two step?

And how much more political clout would a Scooby President have with the Watchers Council? Would he or she tell them to shove off, or would there be deals made and treaties signed?

Plus, our new Scooby president must deal with at least one politic...
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At some point during the series (or during the comics s8 and s9 if you prefer) one of the characters suddenly hears his or her own story AS YOU ARE WRITING IT. What follows is up to you and your chosen character.

You can elect to have a conversation with the character, in which the character must learn that you have the power as the writer to influence the course of the story. Your character can ask for a little help from you as the writer (no cheating of course; certain expected limits on the power of the author to get the character out of a sticky situation must remain in place,...
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Under Article 7 of the International Oversight Advisory, all FicArtists that have read the Code Ragnarok series are hereby considered signatories to the IOA and are now compelled to depict the ongoing Battle of Cleveland, Earth Prime (as designated by the StarGate Command and the International Slayers and Watchers' Council of that 'verse). Code RAGNAROK has been declared! What will your answer be?
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