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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author cylonborg

In breaking news...

Twinkies maker Hostess going out of business

What will happen to our beloved Xander now that he is losing the substance that powers his mojo?
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this could be multi-universe, or stay at home...

as i logged on tonight, i read again the ratings system descriptions and thought about Anya. She would definitely rearrange it, if only based upon the description for FR7.

How many different ways can you match up Anya with a bunny? And how many different ways get you get Buffy in the mix? Does Buffy own a bunny? or a stuffed toy bunny, like Mr. Guido? is it a retro piece where Buffy works as a playboy bunny? is Anya thrown into Pokegirl universe? Does the old phrase "the rabbit died" get any reaction? how does Anya handle...
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this could fall into the underworld area, but doesn't need to do so

take and mix and match vampire and werewolf into the Scoobies mix of unexpected hellmouthy type stuff
what happens on a full moon? how about a blue moon? do the names given to the moon at different times of the year make any changes (harvest moon, hunters moon, etc), can the mix cause a day walker on days of the full moon? what traits win out, or do they fluctuate on a lunar cycle (not a unicycle (sorry, Xander said that I had to put that in))
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