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Author Physcochimp

I reread the Thanos Imperative last night, and when I reached the end I asked where did everything in the Cancerverse at the the end go? We have Nova, Star-Lord, and Thanos. All three of which could have ended up anywhere in the omniverse. So why not have them appear somewhere they could be of use, or in Thanos' case, just kill everything. He's good at that.

-Preferably post Chosen
-No slash
Marvel Universe > Other Marvel Comics • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Mar 12]
I've seen a lot of stories where various Scoobies go out and become heroes, usually someone like Ironman or Wolverine or various other powerful, well known heroes who save the world left right and center. I want something new. Why can't they ever become some of the lesser known heroes or even, villains?

For heroes I would like to see some of those who aren't commonly used, especially someone from Marvels cosmic heroes, like Nova, Quasar, Star-Lord or Drax the destroyer. Or New Warriors members. Anyone but the normal heroes. Variety is the spice of life.

For villains, think th...
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After a mage somehow manage to steal the Slayer Scythe from the New Watchers Councils vaults every white-hat on Earth braves hell and high water looking for it however, the spell that Willow finds to bring the 'Ultimate Weapon' does not bring back the Scythe. Oh no. It brings the pinnacle of combined Human and Ceph tech.
The next generation of combat technology has arrived. Wouldn't you rather have it on your side?
Welcome to the Nanosuit 2.0...Xander Harris.
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(Captain Atom crossover)
After the events of Graduation Day the authorities, having for once actually found out something even vaguely truthful for Sunnydale arrest Xander for his participation in what is technically a political assassination. Sentenced to death he is offered a choice by the military when his theft of the rocket launcher comes to light. He can either submit to an experiment with unknown technology and therefore gain a presidential pardon or die. The results are rather...different than expected.

Must include:
1.) Xander in the Justice League.
2.) A vaporize...
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