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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Oxnate

The challenge is simple, bring a Robin Williams character into the BtVS world. And I mean character, like Mrs Doubtfire, not the creepy guy he played in One Hour Photo.

Acceptable characters include:
Genie from Aladdin
Mork – Mork and Mindy
Adrian Cronauer - Good Morning, Vietnam
Mrs. Doubtfire
Peter Pan – Hook
Batty – Ferngully
Alan Parrish – Jumanji
Professor from Flubber
Patch Adams
Fender – Robots
Teddy Roosevelt – Night at the Museum (Ampata anyone?)
Simon Roberts – The Crazy Ones (already stars with SMG)

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Xander goes on a road trip
You've heard this tale before
But now listen to the twist
He gets *your* car; no more.

Go out to your garage, driveway, street, front yard on blocks; wherever you keep your automobile. Take an inventory. Include everything, seats, seat belts, maps in the glove compartment, gallons of gas (or litres of petrol).

Next, Xander goes on his road trip and gets sucked through a portal. He has the clothes on his back, his wallet, one stake, and your car (e.i. not his uncle Rory's car).

Where he ends up is up to you, just so long as ...
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The Initiative of the Lord of the Rings

“Don’t touch that!” Maggie Walsh yelled, but it was too late, Buffy had already touched the shiny crystal. Then the lights went out. As the emergency, battery powered, lights came back on; Buffy could see everyone glaring at her.

Synopsis: Buffy, the Initiative base, and everyone inside it and the Frat house above them are transported somewhere. Preferably Middle Earth.


- No one in Middle Earth speaks English and no one in the Initiative speaks Westron (the Common Tongue). If you want, you can have a ...
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When Faith runs at the end of Who Are You, she ends up in San Francisco. You just know she’s going to end up at P3 sooner or later. But someone else is coming to San Francisco too. The Saints of South Boston.

When the sisters meet the Saints they come up with their own version of The Prayer.

And witches we shall be
For thee, dread Lord, for thee.
Power of Three hath descended forth from thy hand
That our spells my swiftly carry out thy commands.
So we shall flow a river forth to thee
And teeming with demons shall it ever be.

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I was writing another story and I suddenly had a flash of inspiration to mention the Gummi Bears. After which, I felt like reading a Gummi Bear story. Alas, none were to be found on TTH. So, I am posting this very simple challenge to everyone to write a Gummi Bear story.


-You can't call them Gummy Bears (with a 'y')
-No Slash. In fact, this is a kid's show. Try to keep it PG.
-I think a Scoobies go to Gummi Glen will work better than the other way around, but seeing Princess Cala in modern America could be interesting too.
-Have Fun!
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Zack Morris knew he was on a show. He regularly broke the fourth wall and talked to the camera and even had the power to freeze and unfreeze time (Time-out!). So, how would such powers affect someone in the Buffy verse?

Rules: -You can do this one of two ways, either Zack Morris comes to Sunnydale or one of the regular cast members gets Zack's powers.

-Must have character regularly talk to the viewers.

-The 'Time-out'/'Time-in' power can look like a form of teleportation (to those frozen), getting the character out of tight jams.

-Is the character horrifi...
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Jonathan climbed to the highest point of the school to do his shooting. He didn't take a hand gun, which would be far easier to commit suicide with, he took a high powered rifle. A rifle that broke down into several components just like many assassins' rifles do in various movies. I blame the Hellmouth Effect for the fact that people were willing to believe his story about only killing himself. (Also the fact the Buffy was no longer psychic)

So, your challenge, should you chose to accept it is to crossover Jonathan as an assassin from your movie of choice.

I picked Le...
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Pinky and the Brain possess Angel and Drusilla.

Came about in conversation between souldriven and me.

souldriven:: \\\I have this image in my head now that won't leave.

Image: Xander, "Sorry but can anyone else picture Drusilla going 'Gee, Angelus, what are we going to do tonight?' and Angelus replying, 'Same thing we do every night, Drusilla, Try To End The WORLD!'?"///

My reply:: \\\I think you've got that image backward:

"My Angel. Make yourself ready for tonight." she breathed.

"Why, Dru? What are we going to do tonight?" (Narf...
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Glorificus isn't from another dimension. She's from Earth. Or Mt. Olympus.

Challenge, At the end of Xena, most of the old gods were dead or dying. Only three made it out. Ares, Aphrodite, and Artemis. The other two got sick of 'Dite's' whining pretty quickly and banish her to Earth. And to teach her a lesson they trap her inside a human male.

Changes: Aphrodite doesn't brainsuck anyone. She needs to suck their beauty to stay in control instead. Which is why her followers look so ugly.

Aphrodite isn't hostile to humans, she just doesn't care. She's still ve...
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Derived from Methos' Adoption Center. to read.

The residents of Sunnydale don't talk about the supernatural with their neighbors. They don't want to seem crazy after all. Easier to pretend it doesn't exist. What if a radio station suddenly started telling Everyone about the supernatural? What if everyone knew that everyone else knew? What could the average person accomplish with absolutely no powers at all? No special skills but the drive to reveal the truth...

Bonus points if you use references to this article (it's about zombies but the premise holds) ...
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Someone (or rather two someones) are dressing up as Xena and Gabrielle this year. The catch? Once Ethan's spell is activated, the girls can only speak ancient Greek for the duration of the spell. Now, who do we know that speaks ancient Greek?

Bonus points if Buffy is the sidekick.
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