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Author LegacyWeapon

When Buffy first met the tall, mysterious, handsome figure who called himself 'Angel,' she was intrigued. She grew to know him, and eventually, they kissed. And then she saw his game face.

But he isn't a vampire, and he's not even Angel. He got a bit full of himself and started calling himself 'Archangel,' and now he's suddenly a Turian wondering what the hell he's doing on Earth almost two centuries before he was born. And how is this tiny blonde girl even stronger than the indomitable Commander Shepard?

Buffy/Garrus pairing. Let's say that Angel's gypsy curse was a lot...
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Scientists believe that a meteor crashing into the Earth was responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs. Demonologists believe the same event killed at least some species of demons. They're both half right: it was a crash, but not a meteor crash. Many millions of years ago, a ship from a far-flung galaxy got stuck in hyperspace, catapulting across the stars towards the Earth. Its systems automatically brought it to sublight speeds 65 million years ago when it entered the Earth's orbit, and then it crashed and caused a planet-wide catastrophe.

Either during the seven seasons of Buffy...
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In the first years of humanity's exploration into the far reaches of space, the Earth Systems Alliance had one black ops group under its command that took extreme measures to protect humanity from any enemies, terrestrial or alien. Most people don't know that this covert group has existed for millenia in one form or another, and was once called the Watcher's Council. The group underwent a drastic revision in 2003, and subsequent revisions were made with the discovery of alien life from beyond Earth.

The Council's charter mission - to protect humanity from all enemies - caught the at...
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