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Author cannonfly

Based on the Apples to Apples commercial about the strange combinations.

"Sometimes you have to lose an eye to be able to truly see yourself."

Focusing on Xander's emotional growth after losing his eye. May take place at Xander's first opportunity for down time after Chosen.
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This week is Suicide Prevention Week, so in honor of that, I would like someone to take this week to write a story that focuses on some aspect of suicide (prevention). I believe that there are two ways best to honor this occasion, either with the entirety of solemnity that such a topic deserves, or with a celebration of life - filling a piece with as much joi de vivre as can be fit in the week.

This could be done with:
1) A character considering suicide
2) A character attempting suicide (whether they succeed or not)
3) The reaction of friends and/or loved ones after a char...
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Buffy is an unusual name. It's supposed to be a nick-name for Elizabeth, but I've never heard of anyone, aside from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and the stereotypical snobby rich girl, called Buffy. I propose this...

1. Buffy is not Hank's daughter. This is because...
2. Joyce slept with someone else when she was...
3. Stranded in B.F.E. Somewhere.
4. 9/10 months later, Joyce insists on calling her child Buffy because...
5. Whatever you decide OR Joyce and her lover had an inside joke about where they were at the time.

Hopefully this plot bunny will be adopted b...
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The One Who Sees specializes in seeing what everyone else misses, so does the Behavioral Analysis Unit. I want to see what Xander makes of the BAU, and they of him.

- BAU gets called to either Hellmouth, following something ooky
- Xander joins BAU
- Familial relationship (preferably better family for Xander)

I like high school Xander and one eyed Xander the best, but whenever you think your story fits best.
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Xander Harris was played by two actors - twins to be exact. The challenge is that Xander has a long lost twin out there. Xander should find better Parental Units, either real parents or twin's adoptive parents.
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When the sperm bank is trying to contact Tony DiNozzo from NCIS, it sets in motion a series of events that bring the Scooby Gang to D.C. It turns out that Tony is Xander's father (squidgy timeline).
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We all know that Oz leaves to get more info and/or control of his inner wolf, but not much detail is used to explain how. Assuming that in order to gain a little humanity in his wolf he had to let his wolf out to play on days that don't end in -ull moon, show instances where he didn't get the combination quite right.

Can you see an Oz that fights for dominance in his "pack"? Wolf-whistles at girls? Or a werewolf trying to play the guitar?

If you have a scenario like that, write it down and let us/me see it!
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