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Author thewrongalice

Daniel Jackson in the Stargate 'verse discovered the pyramids were much older than thought and were built by aliens...In the Marvel 'verse he discovers that the Norse pantheon were real beings who had visited Midgard...

He was almost laughed out of academia...

So when the first Thor movie-events happen SHIELD picks Daniel up (from where he's working with the Watchers Council) to advise them on what to do...and then after this, if you think of it as a prologue then main story would happen around Avengers movie- like events!

* the stargate system was originally built b...
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Totall Recall / Inception /BtVS - I prefer the most recent Totall Recall (what can I say Colin Farrell?!) and it should be AU anyway... (would like to do this but determined not to start another story until I'm finished what I'm working on)
The Recall storyline should be set post-demon apocalypse instead of chemical war and the Resistance is headed by Buffy (she could either be immortal, seriously if you keep getting brought back it's eventually got to have a long term effect right? or just fiddle the timelines)
- people can still buy the "chemical war" scenario in a massive case of Su...
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