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Author SlykeDB

Magic learns, spells become common, because at they're cast they become easier to cast. Magic becomes predisposed to respond to certain things in certain ways. Harry's magic has been trained too. His mother's 'ward' that saved him from Voldemort was simply her teaching his magic how to respond to an attack. And his magic learned... attacks were meant to be hit back even hard, much harder.

It was a couple of years before his magic recovered enough from his first outburst, but oneday when Vernon raised his hand, like He-who-must-not-be-named, Vernon, ceased to be. No body, simply V...
Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [24 Aug 13]
Ever since the existence of ghouls came about in Buffy I'm reminded of kindred, where every now and again a gang would kidnap a vampire and feed off of them. Not as servants, but as the captures. I can almost picture Xander one day perhaps in Zeppo having read up on them, deciding that was how he could be strong enough to help. Capturing a vampire, he begins to feed. Soon growing stronger than fledges, he can start to take on older and older vampires, or if the whole ghoul process is just another version of aspect of a demon, using that to increase his ability. Becoming more than the Zepp...
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Okay we've all seen a couple gender bending fics, and instead of adding a new character grab the most powerful mage we got, and put em in the most powerful mage we got. Harry grows up in a family that isn't his, but isn't abusive- just neglectful!

Almost heaven growing up, compared to the Dursley's it's everything he ever wanted, his new parents tried! And gave him money for food and never hit him and... By the time Harry had aged enough and his brain advanced enough that he could fit inside his own head and remember who he really was, he was also Willow, by nature and nurture. ...
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