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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Fayari

There's a lot of debate about whether or not BTVS is truly feminist, as in it empowers the female as they rightly should be, or just plain sexist against men in an effort to appear feminist.

One of the best techniques to find out if something is sexist against men is to see if it is offensive if the genders are reversed. For example:

"Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them."

This seems like a mildly humorous generalist statement, but if the genders are reversed, it becomes:

"Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them."

Which, of course, would have feminist...
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Xander got possessed inordinately more times than any other Scooby. What if this is because he's actually a Shaman?

The challenge is to write a story where Xander discovers he's a Shaman early on and has the ability to channel spirits. His first spirit should be the Hyena. Same rules as in the anime Shaman King. Xander could be the one who sees... spirits.
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With a bit of thought and hindsight, 'The Pack' really wasn't a very well-written episode.

Ignoring the gaping plot hole where the Alpha of a matriarchal hyena pack chose to go into a male, real hyenas don't act even remotely the way that Xander and his Pack did. Instead, Xander and his pack were acting like what typical media says hyenas are supposed to act.

Then there's the question of Xander's 'predatory act', a requirement in the spell for the Primal Spirit possession. Considering that in the situation, Xander was actually performing a PROTECTIVE act, it didn't make sense...
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