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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author AndiiShadow

Yet another random challenge. You kids ready for fun?

Step A: Random Fandom

If you are a multi-fandom kinda person, like so many are, you might like this. Put all of the names of your singular fandoms (Like only Xena, not Xena/Buffy) on peices of paper (how many ever you need) and into a hat/bowl/bag/whatever. Okay, got it ready? Set it aside for right now.

Step Twa: Button, Button, Where's the Button?

Most people's CD walk-man-thingers have a little button on them that says 'Play Mode' or 'Random' on it. Take out your fave CD and put it in. Set it on random...
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A simple enough challenge, though I've never seen it used yet...
Two people trapped in one person's body. You'll need a BtVS/AtS charactor for this one and a Crossover charactor. Whose body they get trapped in and how is up to you.


Romance (Even if just a little)
Some one feeling awkward wearing panty-hos
The line, "Is this a medicine pantry or a drugstore?"

Tis All, good luck and have fun!

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