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Author Wraithkiller

YAHF with an odd twist what happens when Xander Harris goes out as an immortal and awakens cursed with an eternity of nightmares? Madness has its own taste and not everything is as it seems. Death himself was busy reaping souls in other dimensions and era's what happens when he notices his powerful gift extended to a mortal who was undeserving of it?

A good one shot describing the after effects of halloween and the ramifications of having an eternity of hellish fights against things much worse then old one's the story is a chakan forever man crossover even though having memories of b...
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"Alexander Harris is dead... Everything he was or ever will be is gone, we can't afford anymore loose ends."

A story of intrigue, deception, murder and betrayal. The Illuminati created the watcher's council in the year of our lord 1225 AD. Since the creation of slayers there was never a need for the watcher's council. some could say the council itself was a deception at controlling that which they feared and hated above all else and that was the supernatural or the unexplained and uncontrollable factors of magic.

a Deus Ex crossover with Xander Harris as the main protagonist...
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