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Author HikaruKosuzaku

Xander decides to dress up as Kurama from YYH for Halloween, instead of a soldier. He does a rather convincing job of it, too. The spell happens, and he gets stuck with not only the memories, but the powers over plants. (Whether or not he becomes a fox demon is up to you.)

As it turns out, the people who created YYH knew all about hellmouths and demons and what-have-you, and a lot of Makai demons are based on actual demons. Not all of them, mind. Youko, Koorime, Mazoku...those don't actually exist. But others do. So, suddenly Xander is smart, has demon-knowledge, can control plants an...
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My challenge is what you can get off this summary.

He was their Heart, and he knew their souls. So when someone decided to hurt Xander Harris, Slayers the world over started looking for revenge.

There are only a couple rules:
1. It has to be over 500 words long.
2. This is not a Xander-death fic. So long as he doesn't die, I'll be fine with what happens to him.
3. Keep it rated below 21.
4. The spell that activated the potentials is what cemented Xander as the Heart of the Slayers.
5. The only pairings I find squicky are Xander/Giles, Xander/Andrew, and ...
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During the spell that activated the potentials, Xander was the 'heart'. What if, due to that spell, he really did become the Heart of the Slayers? And due to that, all the Slayers world-wide, knew he was important and special?

I want a fic that has Xander as the Heart, where all the Slayers want him as their Watcher, or as a brother, or in some cases as a lover. However, I want this to be a Xander/Faith/Oz fic. And I want Xander to be Melinda Halliwell's Watcher. (The daughter of Piper and Leo from Charmed, younger sister of Wyatt and Chris.)

I also want something to have h...
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So, I have a mostly planned idea that I really don't have the time to write. If someone else wants to take it, feel free. It should be fun for any writer, really, and I would love to read it.

So, this is an NCIS/Sentinel/whatever you want crossover with Buffy, obviously.

It starts before Xander loses his eye, whenever you want it to start really.

The PTB aren't the nicest people, but Fate is, especially with those that she considers her favorites. And Xander is one of her favorites. She's tired of the crap that he puts up with (not from the other Scoobies though, b...
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Okay, so I've read a lot of Xander fics, and I have to say I like a lot of them. So I moved on to the crossovers, and again, my favorites were with NCIS. Only, I'm sorely disappointed in the fact that first, there aren't more, and second, a lot of them have to do with a falling out of sorts or Xander drifting away from the Scoobies. Which just shouldn't happen. That's wrong on so many levels. Totally not for the good. So, I propose a challenge.

It'll be a little AU, because one...I want Xander to at least try his hand at the college thing. Either he actually went (with Giles paying or...
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