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Author warfolomei

BTVS/Anita Blake

A pirate ship crashes on the streets of St. Louis. Reports of one eyed captain and his companion start to spread. Is he behind the rising number of murders or merely hunting something out of this world ? Jean-Cloud sends Anita to investigate.

There are a lot of fics where those two are friends or at least work on the same side. What if this time Xander is one of those annoying villains who know more than they let on.

1) Xander is immune to supernatural powers and has one companion/helper ; slayer, witch, succubus or Dawn with him.
2) Other...
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BTVS/Ultimate Marvel crossover.

Post-Chosen for BTVS.
Nick Fury is Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nick fury reads/sees on tv/listens to reports of a mission that went FUBAR. Mayhem and destruction that was left after disappearance of Mini-Fury/Xander.

Xander (unknown individual in this universe) is leading a team of low-level female super heroes/villains in the battle against demon forces/evil organization and winning. Bonus: Deadpool is on the team.
Witnesses claim seeing him display supernatural powers and ''mind control'' over other people.
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BTVS/Hunter Killer

Kid!Xander Harris, Lavonna Jackson friendship.

''For thousands of years Vipyha Plateau was one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas in all Africa. The rural villagers enjoyed the splendor and tranquility. Then their God got restless. A great and terrible being who, quite literally, radiated death.''

''God'' who wished for some company during her lonely existence and one eyed boy who came from far away to share some hugs.

Xander during Africa. Turns into a kid, but keeps his memory. AU. Tattoo must be visible on his face. Give him an au...
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Challenge: BTVS/Top Cow Witchblade
Pairing: Xander Harris/Sara Pezzini

''Once upon a time, because that's how all the best true stories start, there was a faraway kingdom. The kingdom was part of a vast land where magic was real, dragons still roamed the skies and brave warriors were all that stood against the spread of evil.'' Witchblade #138

Xander was a human knight in previous life. Protecting his kingdom in a loosing fight against supernatural.''Evil'' Witchblade user noticed him during the final battle and offered a deal, which X refused. Battle. She expresses that ...
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