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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Myauzo

How would twilight have gone if the cullens were the same type of vampires in btvs?
would bella have lived long?
would edward have wanted her?
would jacob have fought for her?
would bella even be the main character?!
no gay bashing.
Bring in the btvs characters if you wish.
oh and bella cannot be a witch or whatever. she has to be a normal human in the beginning, but she can change into something else later on into the story.
ps. xander is awesome. extra brownie points if he's in the story
Twilight • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Sep 12]
Anyone else notice how many chores and hard work harry has to do outside and the neighbors just dont seem to notice. what about all of the yelling? why does nobody care?
well in this fic someone cares. in fact, everyone does.
Privet Drive is nowhere near a normal neighborhood. demons, necromancers, psychics, detectives, Lords and Ladies etc all live there. the only normal family is the dursleys. so what happens when the whole neigborhood comes to harry's rescue? what happens when dumbledore tries to take him to hogwarts only to meet resistence from the neighborhood?
Multiple Crossings • Responses [1] • Date Added [28 Jun 12]
Willow learned about her magic earlier. that halloween night instead of running around trying to get her friends together she decides to use a spell to get them to come to her. too bad the god of chaos was watching and decided to do something about that.

so basically instead of meeting with the gang xander gets thrown into different universes. each universe he is thrown into he gets more and more soldier skills to deal with the verse.
has to be a slash fic
must crossover with stargate, ncis and anita blake any verse can be added as long as those three are included.
i dont ...
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