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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Beneficia

Firefly crossover.

Instead of Saffron marrying Mal in 'Our Mrs. Reynolds', one of the girls from BtVS did.

How she get's into the Firefly universe, and why she marries Mal are up to you.

Preferred pairing: Buffy/Mal (I'll accept other crossover FC/Mal pairings though)

Include at least two of the following:

Angst over Mal's and Inara's feelings for each other (in other words, don't rewrite the show in order to pretend that they weren't attracted to each other and possibly in the process of falling in love)

Buffy, or whoever, deliberately out...
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This challenge is based on two things from BtVS S7. 1.Giles and Anya's trip to the eye of Belljoxer(sp?) telling them that Buffy's resurrection caused an imbalance that allowed the First Evil to kill hundreds of Potentials and nearly end the world, and 2. the fact that the First had planned to kill all the potentials, and then Faith, and THEN Buffy; even though Buffy no longer carried the Slayer line and it would take Faith's death to end it.

Post Season 7. Buffy-centric
Even though the First was defeated in Sunnydale, the imbalance caused by Buffy's continued ...
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