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Author Taurexis

Buffy/Supernatural Crossover

Now I have seen "Real Family" stories where John Winchester is Xander's father, and I have seen stories where Bobby Singer is his uncle. But what if it were both?


Essential Rules
- Bobby must be Xander's Uncle and John must be Xander's Father (how this happens is up to you)
- Both Bobby and John must not know that the other is related to Xander
- Sam and Dean do not know about Xander's existence
- Xander should have already met both John and Bobby; BUT he doesn't know that they know each other
- Buffy verse sh...
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BTVS/Fairy Tail X-Over

After being sucked into one of those highly magical and cliche dimensional portals that apparently pop up out of nowhere; Xander gets dumped in the world of Earth Land in the kingdom of Fiore. Here he learns that magic is well known, wide spread and used by many in every day life; so he should be able to get home easily right? Wrong! Apparently no one knows anything about Magical Trans-Dimensional Portals, go figure. With no other choice Xander has to stay and learn magic with the hope that he will discover the key to the return to his home. But having arrived w...
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After ending up on the receiving end of a magical backlash Xander is pulled into another world with seemingly no way of getting home. He learns about the Holy Grail and as his only hope of getting home puts his life on the line and participates in the Fourth Holy Grail War

For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about the anime that I'm referring to is called Fate/Zero if you have never seen it or uninterested then this challenge is not for you. I haven't seen any fics from the franchise so I am not sure that many on this site may be interested but if you are then please have a g...
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