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Author Goodfellow

Xander is splashed with blood from a random demon one night. Soon after, he begins to have strange dreams about a man from 1000 years in the past. He's acquired an aspect of a demon, but it's not as obvious as telepathy; it's the power to view one's ancestral memories.

Crossover with the ancestral memories part of Assassin's Creed, though is doesn't necessarily have to involve Altiar and the Assassins.
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Nathan's spell was too complex. He couldn't find a way to take control of dozens or hundreds of people, give it to dozens or hundreds of new, unique personalities that are made up right on the spot with a lifetime of memories, alter all those bodies so that they would match all those unique personalities that were made up right on the spot. He didn't have enough time to work it all out with Halloween fast approaching.

So instead he just did a switching spell. If you dressed as a princess, you would switch with a princess. A princess somewhere in the world would disappear from where e...
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Harry Potter dies at the end of Deathly Hallows. By some strange means he is reborn into the Summers family. He, of course, is not happy about being torn away from his friends and being stuck as a baby all over again. So he's all moody and not happy. Until, that is, he gets a little sister named Buffy. He realizes that starting over isn't all bad. As they grow up, he's very protective of Buffy. If there's ever a bully picking on her, he teaches the punk a lesson. If someone tries to lock her in a cupboard, he gets her the heck out. When she comes into her powers, he realizes that he's gonna ha...
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