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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Chunkman

Forced to go the Two Dollar route with Xander Buffy gets her own gun and says she's going as red Robin Hood as a slayer.

While I'd appreciate Halloween I leave it up to you I would just like to see a Buffy who has no objections to using guns and mines and has a vast knowledge of how to use them.
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Clark's ship gets stuck in space on it's way to earth or is en route years later then in cannon resulting in it coming down when Ben summons the space demon. Clark is then found by one of the scoobies pairings and you can take the story from there. Buffy/Spike Xander/Anya Willow/Tara Giles/Joyce even Riley/Buffy anybody I'm just interested in the idea of the story.
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After Season 8 in Smallville Lois never returns from her little trip to the future leaving Clark to continue to forsake anything human in him until he rescues a certain Texan from vampires. Clark strikes up a friendship with the girl whom has recently escaped from her own little hell dimension as they help each other come back into the real world until Cordy has a premonition of a red sky and men that fly.

Things I'd like to see but aren't necessary.

Clark/Fred or Clark/Cordy

When Fred talks to plants she's actually talking to Clark but he runs off before anyone ...
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Gantz Crossover

When Buffy jumps into the portal and dies she wakes up in a room with a bunch of other people and a big black ball in Japan. She is told she has to kill Aliens or die again. If Buffy can kill enough she'll earn a 100 points and be set free.

Scenes that would be appreciated

Gantz Buffy meeting regular Buffy maybe Buffy vs Buffy when she finds out she's having sex with Spike.

Buffy wiping the floor with Izumi.

Buffy knocking out Kaze in one hit without the suit.

Buffy working with Kurono as a co leader.

Maybe Buff...
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