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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author RingofHeart

Alright, so just sat through two hours of this thing, and came up with an idea.....obviously have no time, but this intrigues me enough I might have to do something with case I don't, though.
Dr. Jekyll dies at the end of Jekyll and Hyde (spoiler!)- and to me, that just put a damper on the whole show. Not to mention it's a dark show anyway.
Write a story where Jekyll survives at the end of Jekyll and Hyde. I'll make some recommendations but that's the only requirement (well, that and something has to include a Buffy element, right?). Oh, and please have Emma and Jekyll get a...
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RPM season.
I've been looking around the Charmed category and seeing a lot of challenges about what the Scoobies are doing in the dark future. I have no time for this, but in other fandoms, there are other apocalypses! This challenge is specifically PR centric (if you haven't seen RPM yet, and you have netflix, watch it- it's got to be the best season they have). Preferably after Chosen, non-comic book compatible. If not, please make it at least after Dawn's created.
What are the Scoobies doing during the dome? Ideas/Examples:
Are they living in Corinth, or are they barely surviv...
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Les Mes/BtVS, After Chosen for Buffy, VERY AU for Les Mes.

Bring up the timeline of Les Mes to about a year after the final episode of Buffy. Everything with John (sorry, I haven't figured out how to do the accents on my computer, so I'm going with the english spelling) and Fontaine happens, then timeline diverges. Instead of promising that he would take Cosette into his care, John is a psychic and has a premonition when he touches Fontaine and promises she will be safe. He then leaves the factory to a close friend and turns himself in, but before he does, he sends a letter to Cosett...
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This is before Buffy was even called.
Premise: Sunnydale was always a hellmouth, even if Buffy was not living there. Who took care of big bads before the Scoobies?
Must Haves:
-One of the characters should have some sort of supernatural power or be some sort of supernatural creature. Weather this is from the crossover with another fandom or not is the author's decision.
-This character must share how he got this power with another character at some point, even if this story is as simple as "My mom was a veela,"
-There must be an adviser of some sort
-Main battlers (...
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This challenge takes all events until the end of BtVS in season 7 as canonical, as well as the Fall. However, anything after this, gone, never happened. Also, this is after the final battle with Voldemort. Epilogue continuity is up to the author.
Humanity becomes aware of the existence of supernatural creatures and, scared for it's survival, builds the underwater city of Atlantis. Buffy takes a position in the government there as the head of the ESC (Elimination of Supernatural Creatures) department.
Wizards hear about the hellmouth and LA falling and go into extensive hiding to avoi...
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