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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Draek

There are 2 variations you can choose to base on for this challenge :

1) One of the Winchester Brothers is Reborn as one of the Buffy / Angel Characters

- You can include other Supernatural characters but the story must focus on the person that was reborn.
- You can use the Halloween event for them to remember who they were
- You can NOT include any demons / angels that were dead by the end of Supernatural Season 5 (or whichever season, from 5 onwards, based on what memories you want to give them) [The only exception to this rule is that your Supernatural World is AU,...
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Xander becomes the new Shredder either by YAHF or a Legacy of some sort.
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What if Xander was Sam? How you want that to be possible is up to you (though there are suggestions), but make sure that :
1 ) Dean doesn't know until he is near Xander/Sam, and somehow knows it's him.
2 ) Sam pretends not to know anything and asks of a favor from a Witch of the Devon Coven whom he met by accident to do a spell go which he has always been go Sunnydale (Optional)
3 ) He is not abused and Xander's parents are normal parents whom supports him. His morals are from school bullying.
4 ) If you start at Halloween, then Xander decides to dress up as Dean for his Hallow...
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