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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Harbinger

This is a crossover with the web comic, Order of the stick. What if Xander was the reincarnation of a certain sorcerer we all love to laugh and hate. Due to a accident/battle/the Snare/whatever, Xykon (Redcloak and MiTD are optional) are reborn in the Buffyverse in Sunnydale. This sends the Powers That Be into a panic so they wipe there memories clean and place a glamour on them (Redcloak looks and ages like a ordinary human until the spell is broken) altering there personalities and removing there powers. completely oblivious of previous lives of villainy.

Until the memory episode in...
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The idea for this came while I was browsing TV. Tropes page, Fallout New Vegas Caesar's character page. With one of his traits being that he was The Heart of the Legion.
After Xander left Anya at the altar, Xander tries to explains to Anya that he was terrified that he would hurt Anya and was afraid that he may become a horrible person to her, Anya, in a fit of rage wishes to see how bad Xander can get…

Xander disappears.

The Scoobies and A.I Team go looking for him, eventually having to cross into an alternative time line, but they finally find him!
They soon wish...
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