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Author QueenCA

Basically, I'd like to see more Soul Eater stories on here. And I thought of having Buffy as a (sword) Meister. And if she somehow brought Masamune to the side of good and had him as her weapon/partner, that would be a bonus (read a story where he did that...). And yes, I'm expecting them (Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies) to be de-aged a little.

I'd like to see a Buffy/Kid pairing. Also would like a pairing with Stein...another story, possibly?

Good luck!
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This came about after wanting to see a Buffy/Jack Frost story. So, somehow (ex. Halloween (Man in the Moon chose her after she dressed as a cupid), She never was/or was for a short time the Slayer, etc.), I'm leaving the how up to you, Buffy is Cupid (The Guardians know her. North calls her Lizzy or Eliza (short for Elizabeth 'Buffy')...what the others call her is up to you, but I'd like it if Tooth called her Buffy.

Story starts at the start of the movie. At this point, if you want to tell the how she became Cupid story, do it. Jack has not met her before. He is only aware that th...
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As you can probably guess from the challenge name, this is for a Zuko/Buffy pairing. Now if they meet at some point during the series (when he's trying to find the avatar, his 'fugitive'/refugee time, or his travels with Aang and co., etc.) or after their journey is completed (though I'd like it if they met during the journey, at some point), I'll leave it to you to decide. Along with the fact if Buffy is a fire-bender or not. Though I'd like it if she kept her 'Slayer abilities'.

The time for Buffy-universe: After "The Gift" (meaning Buffy got de-aged a bit). A possible loss of memor...
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(*So...didn't know what to call it... XD *)

The idea popped into mind after I remembered a story I read that was a crossover between BTVS and The Big Bang Theory with a 'sort of' Buffy/Sheldon pairing. So then I thought it would be fun to see Buffy with another 'smart guy'. And one Tim McGee popped into my mind.

Mainly, what I'd like to see is Buffy meeting McGee's team for the first time at the office. They have no idea who Buffy is (or that she's in a relationship with Tim) and Tony, seeing a pretty woman, tries to flirt with her. She's amused by it, giving him the 'brush o...
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Yet another Buffy-centered challenge. Set during the Sailor Stars season (or even after it).

Buffy is Kakyuu (reborn or whatever) or related (possibly her sister, who they thought was dead?). They find her (somehow)...maybe because the Scoobies went to Japan (or just the Summers' women (and Faith (possibly 'taken in'/adopted by Joyce))?

Dawn/Yaten (or Cordelia/Yaten, if you don't want Dawn in story)
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Buffy has lived many lives, in different times and places. She's lived the 'high life' and the 'low life', but there's always been love. Her soul has gone through the cycle many times.

-Highlight some previous lives and loves
-May have crossovers, if possible (ex: Sherlock Holmes (with Sherlock pairing, please!))

(*If you want to go with the 'one love, who's soul is constantly reborn with her' idea instead of the one above, that's okay! It's up to you... *)
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Basically a oneshot with Buffy paired with one of the Young Justice guys (*bonus points for Nightwing/Dick, Superboy/Connor, or Blue Beetle/Jaime*) or another hero from that universe. It can even be multi-chaptered, if you want. Buffy can either be Slayer Queen or a hero in her own right (*ex: thanks to Halloween, etc.*).

Other 'required' characters (*from BTVS*): Faith, Giles, and Xander. If you want to bring in others, that's okay. I just want those three in it the most. ;)

Good luck!
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Xander has two brothers...thing is, they're both ninjas. And they have no idea he's still alive.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow believe they're little brother is dead, so when proof comes to them (or just Snake Eyes, at first) that he's alive, they're off to reunite with him.

Would love to see the reactions of the Scoobies (and possibly some of the 'Joes'). If you want to include Scooby bashing, I'll allow it. The pairing is up to you! :)
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Buffy-centered with her being paired with various guys from the Power Rangers series. For example: Eric from Power Rangers Time Force or Dustin from Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

If the rangers (or just that guy) know about the supernatural or if Buffy gains Ranger powers (original or new team, etc.), that's up to you. If you want drama with the Scoobies and/or Buffy's family, go for it if you want.

Bonus points if you pair her with:
Eric (Time Force)
Dustin (Ninja Storm)
Hunter (Ninja Storm)
Adam (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, present day (like when he came back for Operati...
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For Halloween, Buffy ends up getting a different costume. This could be because someone else purchased the dress, she was convinced to get another one, etc. She ends up either purchasing a costume of Jean Grey's or creating a costume of her own (sort of based on Jean's costume, but different) with scraps/spare parts Ethan has at the store.

On Halloween, Buffy gains the powers of Jean Grey. These are powers that she was actually born with (something that she says (possibly that night or later on) feels natural to her/a part of her) but were blocked/sealed away. After the spell ends an...
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Xander was convinced, by Willow, to go with a completely different costume: One of the Weasley twins (doesn't matter who). Due to Ethan's spell, he gains a 'twin' of his own. So, to separate them, they called him Alex. They each have a wand and the knowledge of various spells (*even the broom and later prank business, if you want*). After the spell ends, Alex remains. How would having two wizards change things?

(*If you want to add in the Harry Potter world, that's your decision. If you want to bring in the Weasley twins, that's okay. :) *)
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Takes place post-"Chosen". It's a Buffy/Snake Eyes pairing. (Dawn's pairing is up to you)

Dawn and Buffy (who have reconciled) left shortly after the gang settled after the events of "Chosen", due to increased tension that was created during the battle. It's during this time that the girls really experience a semi-normal life. It is also, during this time, that they meet the GI Joe team. (If Buffy (and Dawn, if you want) joins the team, that's up to you, but having her work with them is required, be it one time or a few...or even more. Buffy bonds with Scarlett (and possibly Duke). Bu...
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