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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author DragonBard

Before Anya stops being a demon for the second time, she is given a warning about the future.

Because of this, she convinces someone to make a wish to change the past, and make sure that the Scoobies get 'what they deserve.'

Or perhaps, what they 'need.'

Because of this, just after the Halloween with Ethan Rayne's Chaos spell, the Scoobies encounter Anya, who summons the spirits of several different famous people to train them, and help them with their path.

And incidentally so Anya can get back with Xander.

For Buffy:
Captain Jack O'Neil (Star...
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What happens when the Specter, Divine Vengeance, meats D'Hoffryn, Demon Lord of Vengeance?
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Some time early in the series, Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, and Xander (add Giles if you want) become gods from one of various literary sources. Possibilities include Scion or Exalted from White Wolf, gods from D&D, the Asgardians from Marvel, Lords of Order/Chaos from DC.

Xander and Cordelia cannot be the most powerful of the group.
No bashing, except of the Big Bads (Bashing Angelus is okay, but not Angel while he has his soul)
Xander gets a harem which must (eventually) include Anya, Cordelia, Willow, Faith, and Buffy
Buffy must remain the Slayer....
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My Challenge is simple.

We know that several of the characters retained pieces of knowledge from their Halloween experience, so why not give them costumes that would take advantage of it?

However, not so much knowledge, as 'wisdom.'

So, give each of them a costume that will grant them knowledge/skills/experience/wisdom to improve things.

For example, for Willow, a costume that shows her the dangers of magic abuse/addiction before it reaches the levels of Dark Willow.

For Buffy, a costume that gives her the skills of an experienced field leader.
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