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Author XanLickquidluv

Someone simply must write this!

Was pondering all the truths revealed, plot-holes mined, lapses of logic used in fanfiction that never appeared in cannon.
Things like Faith's real age as a new slayer making the quick scratch she used Xander for statutory rape cause she had to have been under seventeen. How the bank could have rescheduled the mortgage payments for Buffy based on her income, not her mother's.
Exactly what did happen to the gallery, if she indeed own it? You get the idea.

What if Q put them on trial for their many faults, a la the first two episodes of ...
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Just read Emma Grant's Tongue In Cheek and was knocked over with inspiration.

The Scooby gang is helping someone spring clean, whether it's after the Summers' basement was flooded, Xander moving out of his parents' basement, Giles' stuff to be boxed & shipped to England.

Buffy had deemed this a 'Dawn-safe' event but it's Dawn that finds a whole stash of Harry Potter-verse Porn paraphernalia including graphic pictures that are still moving, thus revealing someone's hidden former life.

Bonus points if you make it believable that Xander's parents are the ones with...
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Under the command of BigDestinyGuy, I issue the following challenge;

Willow's spell takes Xander & Faith (freshly broken up with Robin) to
find a new slayer living on Wisteria Lane. It's Julie Mayer, Susan's

Personalities clash as miss-communications, mysteries, and Mary Alice
Young's ghost tries to get Xander to make peace with everyone
she left behind.

How will Faith react to Bree? Will Xander take up Eddie's offer of a
one-night-stand (Can see her exhausted, not walking straight and
with the biggest damn grin on her face.)...
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