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Author Zoanzon

As far as I can tell, this is the first Eureka/Fringe...anything! How the #^@& is that possible!

After the events in "The Man From the Other Side", Peter Bishop fled the Fringe Division. What if he got farther than he did in the show, say, as far as Eureka, Washington? Following "Northwest Passage", Newton and Walternate miss him by a day, and he ends up making it to just outside Eureka. At the same time, Xander heads north, not east in his road trip, and makes it farther than he would. A demon hunter, a town of mad geniuses, and a Bishop. Shake well, and wait for the entertainmen...
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Everyone always thought that Xander was the normal one, the "baseline" to rip-off Aberrant, the weakling. How well will that image fit once he gains the Eyes of God, the Rinnegan.

Xander can gain these anytime through the series you want, or even before it (please don't make it after the end), through any means that is believable. Note that I am talking Buffy-verse believable; it may not fit real life, but as long as it is like the usual for the Gang, it works. Hell, have one appear in the empty socket following Caleb's popping. You don't need to give a "how" on their appearance, or...
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