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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Typhonis

The Powers that be should have known better. They really should have. You do not steal a child from one reality to have it grow up to full fill responsibilities in another. Not when his parents are still alive and kicking. Especially not these parents.

Now you have Eris and Hoss Delgado coming to Sunnydale looking for their little boy. A little boy who is all grown up named Alexander L. Harris.

Yes this idea came to me and well it does explain all of the chaos and his hatred of evil quite nicely. I leave it open to you if you want other fandoms mixed in. But the basis is ...
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Doesn't necessarily have to be Buffy or Faith. In fact this did happen, in a manner of speaking , to Cordelia. Here is the challenge the woman in question has moved to a new home in an old building. After a crazy night , after having dinner with her neighbors, she discovers she is pregnant.

How will things go from there? Who is the father, is it the Devil himself? Will she keep the baby or try to get it aborted? Will she be committed or drugged so she gives birth unwillingly? Is it merely paranoia on her part?

A crossover with the movie Rosemary's Baby.
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