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Author nodakskip

A loose The Expendables fic, though not really a crossover. AU post Buffy season 7, no comic books timeline for Angel or Buffy. The LA gang including Cordy is now with the new Watchers Council.

Normally in the high school years 2 and 3 Buffy and or Willow tries to force out Xander because he is the "normal" one and useless in fights. Well the new Council has gone over to the more Slayer side then Watchers since there just is so many new slayers. Some of the gang from Sunnydale/LA is considered useless like say Wesley was in Buffy season 3.

The Expendables twist here is the S...
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Senior Year High school challenge. Thinking Ethan comes back and swaps the Slayer and Scooby gangs bodies with their parents.

Now Joyce in Buffys body, Shelia in Willows, Tony in Xanders, Margret Chase in Cordy. Now the parents have the bodies with the powers and have to learn what the teens (in adult bodies) have to do to save the world? Can Willow convince her mother that magic exists so she can cast spells. Can Joyce survive in a fight against a group of vampires? Will Tony and Margret try to pull an Amys mom type attempt permanent body swap?
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