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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Dragonhulk

Okay I just got through reading The Sinestro Corps War arc and got this idea.

In Green Lantern #25 (December 12th 2007) seven different emotions were shown to be able to produce Green Lantern like power, and each emotion has its own unique color. The colors and emotions attached to them are as follows.

GREEN: The color of willpower, and what fuels the Green Lantern Corps. This isn’t an emotion its self so much as the ability to overcome emotions and do what needs to be done.

YELLOW: The color of fear, the color of The Sinestro Corps. Those that have a yellow r...
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No this is not a real person fic, just a play on the title of many old films that I happen to enjoy.

Abbot and Costello have met just about every movie monster of their time, so lets see what happens when we bring them to the 1990's.

The challenge is to insert any character played by Abbott and Costello into the Buffy universe and write a comedy that would do the two comics proud.

I have two ideas on how to do this, but feel encouraged to do your own. The first is set in the time of their original movies, and it involves no one but the Mayor. Basically Abbott and C...
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Man we have so many of these that are unanswered that I almost feel guilty for adding another to the pot, but here it is.

For this challenge we will say that the Hellmouth only opens to true hell dimensions at certain times, but other times it can lead to just about anywhere. Now what if the gang couldn’t stop the big bad from opening the Hellmouth but was able to delay it long enough that the portal leads to another dimension other than Hell.

Must have
1) A one to one exchange rate. For every Buffy character that enters into the Thunder Cat universe a Thunder Cat mus...
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The challenge is that when Xander left Anya at the alter he put the ring on Emily from Corpse Bride, so now he has two strong willed supernatural women after him.

You must have:
1) A relative of a Scooby Gang (or Scooby Gang member) as Emily’s murder.
2) Both Emily and Anya ending up marrying someone by the end of the fic. If you want them both (or neither) to marry Xander go for it.
3) Have at least one Scooby remark that it was about time Xander dated some one without a pulse. Buffy dated Angel and Willow dated Malcolm who was just a robot, so Xander has been the onl...
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Okay the Harry Potter section on this site is huge, no question about it, but here is another one that came to me when I was doing research for a HP cross I plan to write. The challenge is to have the HP crew mentor a S1 or S2 Scooby Gang.

The challenge is two fold. First you must align the dates in the book with the dates in the show. To give you a hint Half Blood Prince was supposed to end somewhere in 1997, the year Buffy started to air. This makes the HP characters about the same age to one year older than the Scooby gang.

The second part of the challenge is that the ...
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Christmas is coming and that means holiday specials. The challenge is simple, place your a Scoobie into your most charished childhood holiday special.

Anything from A Muppet Christmas Carol to the Simpson episode where they get the dog is open. The only constraints I'm puting on this is that it must be a Christmas special and it must be older than one year.

Now go ho ho and write whatever insane story this inspires, but make sure you have fun doing it.
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Okay the challenge is this; someone other than Angel was sucked into Hell during the S2 final. I could just leave it at that but because this is a crossover site I’ll add in a bit more.

The cross is the hell the person is sent to, but make sure you personalize it. If you pick Buffy as the one sent to hell you also need to pick a world (cross) that she would be least comfortable in.

Finally don’t limit yourself to hell dimensions that are completely magical in nature, hell can be man made. It might be fun to see how Giles would fare in No Man’s Land Gotham. After rer...
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Okay here is the challenge, have one or more of the Scooby/Fang Gang be descended from someone that fought evil in the past, or was evil in the past.

Must have the ancestor as the cross. There are many books/movies/tv shows set in the past so this shouldn’t hamper people.

The descendant must use an object owned by the ancestor in the fight against evil.

Must not be a Halloween fic. I know that its fun to use Ethans spell as a plot device, but I want it to be a bit original on how the descendant finds out about his/her heritage.

Bonus points for a believa...
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The challenge is to pick a name of a character from Buffy or Angel and match it with a name of a character from a book/movie/whatever. Then take the characters and switch them.

An example would be Ford from the episode Lie To Me switched with Ford Perfect from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. This way instead of having an episode about a boy wanting to become a vampire, you can introduce Buffy and Co to babble fish and vampire slaying by use of a towel.

If you do this with a main character (ie Buffy, Xander, Willow, etcetera) the plot must revolve slightly on how the others...
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Fill the roles from The Wizard of Oz with characters from Buffy

Dorthy- Be careful with this because it will determine who you choose for the other characters

Scarecrow- Someone close to who you choose for Dorthy that needs some brains.

Tin Man- Same as above but with heart

Lion- Needs courage

Glenda- Up to you but bonus points if you can find a good fit besides Willow and Tara

Wicked Witch- Again up to you.
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Just read Wolveriene The End and had this idea. Pick your fave Buffy character and write a story close to the end of their lives. The rules are

1. The story must hint at adventures not shown. Let the readers know that the character has done things between now and when the show ended, just don't go into detail.

2. Must show that the character has changed physicaly and mentaly. This could be really fun if you use a Slayer. After all they havent lived very long before so for all we know they may begin to resemble demons physicaly if they live too long.

3. Must c...
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Okay in DC they are changing Green Lantern once again. In this new change they seem to say that green is the color of will power and yellow is the color of fear. This got me thinking of what some other colors could represent.

So here is the challenge, someone from Buffy or Angel gets an item that works like a Green Lantern ring using colors other than green.

Must have
1. An item that works like a GL ring a battery using something other than willpower. This item must have two parts to it, a battery, and a focal point. You can use a ring and lantern but I would suggest ...
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Just finished reading 'Swamp Thing: Bad Seeds' and was struck by a challenge. At the end Swamp Thing throws five of the elements into the wind for someone else to be champion of them while keeping the plant element.

My challenge is for someone to write a story where one of the Scoobies gets one of the elements of earth, fire, water, air, or flesh.

The rules are as follows:
1) Willow can not get an element; she is too powerful as is. If you want Magic to be a seventh element and have Willow be it champion then that is okay but she doesn't get any others.
2) Don't ass...
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Okay this challenge was inspired by a story I recently read. In that story Jonathan talks to Neil Gamins Death from the Sandman comic book series after he was killed by Andrew.

Here is the challenge, pick a character and have them talk to a Death. It can be from the Sandman, Teri Pratchet, Bill & Ted, whatever so long as it is a cross.

You can choose from three different settings:
1. When the character dies in cannon (could be multiple times for vamps like Angel and Spike).
2. Character dies post final episode. If you choose this one you have to give hints of t...
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Brian Singer reportedly had a plan for the X-Men movies. First is Mutant vs. Mutant, second Mutant vs. Human, third Mutant and Human vs. Something else. Chances are the Something else he had planed was the Phoenix entity but it could be something else.

The challenge: Write X3 with the something else as a huge Big Bad from Buffy that the world can’t ignore. It can be set any season in Buffy but the events of X-men and X2 must have happened.

Must have!
1. New mutants! You can bring in secondary mutants from the Movie to be main characters or bring in your favorite X...
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