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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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I really haven’t seen that many fic’s about what Oz, everybody’s favorite BtVS werewolf, got up to while searching for his “control”. There’s got to be a story or two in there somewhere. After all Tibet couldn’t have been the first place he tried and everybody knows that it’s when you’re searching for something that you meet the most interesting people.

Perhaps he landed in Boston and met the “Boondocks Saints”, or took a trip to Scotland and stayed in a Castle filled with “High Spirits”. Of course he might also have heard some rumor’s and taken his chance...
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The Scooby of your choice has awoken in their car, covered in blood with no memory of the past seventy-two hours. Now they have to deal with the consequences.

Possible Crossover’s

- CSI: Las Vegas, New York or Miami
- The Soprano’s
- Highlander
- Any Cop/Crime solving show or movie
- Simon R. Green's Nightside Series
- Anything you pull out of a Hat ^^

I’d really like to see this done with either Giles or Dawn but anyone would work.
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Once there was one girl in all the world chosen to fight the forces of darkness, and behind her lay the Watchers Council, a world wide organization designed to guide and protect the slayer and potentials.

Then the balance was shifted and there were thousands of slayers and only a handful of watchers left to teach them. As talented as they may be the Scoobies and the surviving watchers can't do it on there own, they must recruit.

But who do they choose?

The challenge is to write a crossover where one or more characters become an apprentice to the newly reformed Watch...
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Here’s a new twist on an old favorite; The Scooby Gang in Vegas. –

Choose your favorite male member of the Scooby Gang (Giles, Xander, Spike, etc…[the story will center around them.]). Then with the usual flare get your guy completely smashed, have him run into your crossover character and end up in their room.
Now here’s the twist. Your guy must wake up really early in the morning, not completely sober and stumble out of the room without his bed companion waking up. A few months later the crossover character will get a surprise when she finds out her one night stand turn...
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Multiple crossover challenge-
While going through a few of his deceased parents records, Xander discovers a set of adoption papers. Now armed with nothing more then determination Xander must try and find his real father. Too bad it’s a pretty long list of possibilities.
Someone has to say the line, “Wow Xander… your mom really was the town bicycle.”
Must crossover with at least three different series/movies; not including the Buffy verse. (ex. Buffy/ Full House/ Weird Science/ The Dead Zone.)
Xander needs to meet at least one Man that he really wa...
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