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Author Zakhynsia

I loved the story Buffy La Vie Boheme by Wingedslayer03. I want someone to write a story SIMILAR, not the same!, about Xander meeting Mark, and falling for him. I leave the details to you except for the following:
1. Xander should have a job in construction or handyman
2. Xander's blood should somehow help AIDS, but NOT BE THE CURE!
3. Mark and Xander would really make a cute couple
4. Xander should not be fully gay to begin with, and could even be bi
5. And, finally, have fun with it!

Thank you writers!
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Your goal is to get Dawn to Hogwarts:
Must have the following---
1.Dawn knows Severus Snape and/or Dumbledore
2.Dawn runs from Buffy and co. (Xander and Spike not included) because she is pregnant
3.Dawn's baby is special-for instance a prophecy baby or half vamp.
4.Pair her with a Slytherin
5.Use time travel(optional)
6.Dawn can use Key powers at times of stress or more if in control.
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