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Author undead

Buffy/Unfortunate Events crossover.

Can be a crossover with the books or the movie.
Rating: up to 15pg.
Setting: Buffy-S7; ASOUE-any time after the movie/third book.
Genre: You choose.
Pairings: Any, really, just no paedaphelia please.

Basically, there is something previously uncovered in Joyce's past that links her to the Baudelaires, and she, after the unfortunate demise of the orphan's previous guardian, becomes their caretaker. Only problem is that she's dead. Buffy finds herself mid-S7 with an upcoming apocolypse one hand and the sudden appearance of thre...
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Setting: BTVS - S6; Discworld - post 'The Science of Discworld II - The Globe'.

Okay, for any that don't know, in 'The Science of Discworld' the staff of the UU accidentily created 'Roundworld' in a thaumatic experiment gone wrong. Roundworld = our world. One completely devoid of magic.

In 'The Globe', Earth had picked up a nasty case of 'elves' and the wizards had to remove them without, and this is important, leaving the human race defined as a whole as 'Ug'. They did it, with Shakespeare, some black paint, a stepladder and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Once humans know abou...
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When Giles gets fired by the Watchers Council (S3, 'Helpless'), he is also forced out of Sunnydale. Who becomes the replacement librarian? Non other than our favourite wizarding messiah. Of course, the Scoobs and Wes don't know he's a wizard, and he doesn't know Buffy and Faith are Slayers. How do the gang deal with being cut off from their research? And Willow`s lack of magical texts? Where does Oz go to 'wolf out'? Maybe he can stay in the library, but then how do the Scoobies get past Potter? Plus lots of confusion, and backtracking mid-sentence that Buffy's so good at ('Oh, you mean a stak...
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