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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Aynot

What if Faith started to have an angel named Earl visiting her? That is Earl, the last-chance angel, from Saving Grace.
{ If you do not know anything about Saving Grace go to -->
it has a good description of the series. } Basically, the show is about redemption.

This story has to take place after Faith kills Deputy Mayor Allen Finch.

Will Faith believe that Earl is an angel or will she think that he is some sorta evil creature?

Does Faith tell the Scoobies or the Fang Gang about Earl? If so, w...
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I was thinking about writing this as a story but as always I never seem to get around to doing more than starting a story, SO, I thought that I would issue this scene as a story challenge. The basic idea behind this is …Faith as a mother; I think that she would make a really good one. That thought lead to what would The Watcher’s Council do about it. (Yes, I know that Robin Wood’s Mother was a Slayer, but I do not know if the Council even knew he existed.)

Notes: in this scene it only suggests that the Council avails itself the use of non-humans as well as The Slayers and emplo...
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