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Author trouble

Was listening to Rodney Atkins' song "Cleaning This Gun" and I got wondering about the various guys in the Buffyverse. What weapon they be cleaning when somebody came to pick up their daughter,sister or Slayer for a date? What speech do they use?
When they're someplace with other dads/big brothers/Watchers do they compare scare tactics?

Guys I would like to see used:
Johnathan (I can see him as a Watcher.*shrugs*)

Guys from other fandoms:
Dark Angel
either Stargate...
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Got Methos' go ahead for this bit of imagination stirring.Cause it would be so cool for Tales to have 200 chapters by the end of Feb.
Characters or Fandoms that need their own chapters:
1) Joxer of Xena

2) MacGyver

3) Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Journey with historical characters added please

4) The M & M guys no eating of said guys allowed

5) Buckaroo Banzai complete with car

6) H. Beam Piper's Fuzzies somebody has to have the books

7) Jayne Castle's Dust Bunnies

8) Allen Dean Foster's, Pip and Flinx
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