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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

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Because this seems to be the theme, lately:

What would happen if a certain Mirkwood Prince was suddenly transported to the 21st century, and found himself several thousand years younger than he's used to?


1. Legolas must be physically between the ages of 5-8 years old.

2. Sunnydale still exists. (Pre-Chosen, s7 finale)

3. The LotR 'Common Tongue' is equivalent to proper English.

4. The Tolkien books do exist in the Buffyverse.

[OPTIONAL] Pick 2 of the following:

1. One of the Scoobies is a big Tolkien fan a...
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Littleoldme is a bad influence on me.

What would happen if a certain Mirkwood Prince suddenly found himself responsible for a child? The possibilities are endless!

This can take place either before, or after, the One Ring has been destroyed.


1. Bring a character from any 'modern' genre (BtVS, Anita Blake, Highlander, etc.) to Middle Earth, somehow, as a small child between the ages of 3 and 10.

2. Keep the child's abilities as realistic as possible. (ie, if the character could wield a sword as their adult self, they still can, but i...
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Exactly what would other cultures make of the music of Buffy's era?

This can be a crossover with any genre that does not have 'modern' music. Lord of the Rings is preferable, but any non-advanced society would work. (Abydos from Stargate, etc.)


Must have the lyrics from the song 'Land of Confusion' by Disturbed, in whole or part. (Could be a character singing it, or simply as a header for the plot of a chapter, etc.)

BtVS main character must either be Buffy, Willow, or Spike.

*If crossed with Lord of the Rings, Legolas must be in the...
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This evil little plot bunny was spawned by the 'Mommy Anita' challenge from littleoldme.

How would the Scoobies react to a pint-sized Executioner? A Mini-Master of St. Louis? An itsy Ulfric?

Pick one, or more, Anitaverse characters, throw them into the Buffyverse, and watch panic (and chaos) ensue!


1) Must take place no earlier than the beginning of season 7 BtVS, and no earlier than Cerulean Sins for Anita Blake.

2) If Anita or Jean-Claude is your chosen Anitaverse character, the ardeur must be nullified, 'cuz yikes. (Explain it howe...
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