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There has been a few fics where Xander gets dressed up as someone Sparky from Girl Genius on Halloween, along with at least one where he goes as a Jaeger. The latter had people in the comments saying that he'd make a much better Jaeger than a Spark and personally I'm inclined to agree.

So, on Halloween Xander gets turned into a Jaeger. Here's the twist; he didn't go as one on purpose. After all, while the Foglios were starting to work on the comic in 1997, they didn't get the first issue published until a few years later. What happens is that something unfortunate happens to the fatig...
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There's been a fair few fics where Xander dresses up as the Master Chief for Halloween, despite the fact that Halo wasn't around when the episode in question first aired. However, there was another Bungie game series that was; Marathon. As a bonus, the player character's outfit looks like it's be reasonably plausible for someone to cobble together a reasonable duplicate of it

You can probably guess where I'm going with this. When Ethan's spell kicks in, the Scoobies turn into a noblewoman, a ghost, and a very confused and out-of-place cyborg.

Whether Xander keeps anything aft...
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One or more of the Scoobies, I'm not too particular as to who, gets sucked through a portal (of which canon has many) and lands in another reality. On the upside not only is it not a hell dimension, it's actually not too different from their home universe and they haven't encountered any vampires yet. On the downside they're stuck in Japan with little to no knowledge of the language, there's definitely some sort of trouble brewing and they've narrowly avoided getting hit by a flying vending machine.

Yep, if you haven't already figured it out, I'm requesting a BtVS/Durarara crossover....
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There's a distinct lack of Looking Glass Wars Trilogy and/or Hatter M fanfiction around here. Consider this challenge (more of a plot bunny really) part of my efforts to correct that, even though it's a YAHF.

In the 19th century, the Watchers' Council investigated reports of an inhumanly agile man with spinning knives on his wrists who appeared out of puddles. Although the rumours of the man's phenomenal agility and fighting ability were soon found to be accurate, it was also found that he wasn't even slightly demonic and was firmly on the side of good, although he was on a mission of...
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A parent who lost her family during Halloween World adopts orphaned children. The problem is these orphaned children are Tyke Bombs.

The result after thirteen years is that there's a unassuming, kindly, motherly type who everyone in the know goes out of their way to be nice and extra polite to, since a) anyone who can handle multiple Tyke Bombs is clearly a force to be reckoned with, and b) there's a gaggle of now mostly grown-up Tyke Bombs for whom she was the first person to treat them with kindness and love, who are justi...
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I originally planned on doing this myself, but I'm unable to do the characters justice, so I'm leaving it here for more capable hands.

On Halloween Buffy is hellbent on going as a noble woman. However, someone beats her to her first choice (the dress she wore in canon). Hearing her grumbling, Ethan sees an opportunity and steers her towards the costume of another, very different noblewoman. The noblewoman in question is Astharoshe Asran (a.k.a Asta), Viscountess of Odessa & Duchess of Kiev. Given some of the stuff Asta wears, I can see some persuasion being necessary, but if anyon...
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Anyone whose heard of 'Trinity Blood' and 'Trigun' will be aware of certain similarities between the respective main characters. It is also the frequently voiced opinion of fans that if they were to meet they'd be instant best friends. And now, thanks to the premise of 'Tales..' their's a way to make it happen.

The two blond faux idiots meeting, hitting it off and realising that they share a hell of a lot of common ground.

I'd write this myself but I'd never be able to do the characters justice so I'm leaving it to more capable hands.
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My appogise for the naff title. This is a Trinity Blood crossover challenge.

Scenario one: The world of Trinity Blood is the future of the Buffy-verse. Somehow, be it by time travel or magical/non-magical cryogenics, one or more of the Scoobies end up in Europe, over 1000 years into the future.

#Them finding out about the Methuselahs and the accompanying reaction.
#Them finding out that the USA no longer exists as a country.
#Explaination as to where all the BtVS vamps and demons have gone (personally, I'd blame the Armageddon for that).

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What if, thanks to the spell that was cast on halloween, two characters from different fandoms were to meet?

# They have to be characters that have a lot in common or you've often thought would either get on famously or try to kill each other.
# They have to be stuck with each other for the duration of the spell.
# The people wearing the costumes can't get stuck (however some residual effects are allowed)
# Try and keep things fairly light.
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We all know how Connor grew up in another dimension. What if it hadn't been Quor-Toth?

# You can use any fandom you want, but try and avoid multi crosses.
#Connor has to stay there for at least 17 years, although whether or not he even returns to the Buffy-verse is up to you.

#Get rid of Holtz somehow
#Have Connor be adopted by a character from the reality he ended up in. But make it plausible.
Multiple Crossings > Connor-Centered • Responses [4] • Date Added [1 Dec 06] • Date Updated [20 Jan 10]
I think it's safe to say that we're all familer with fics where someone (usually Xander) gets a major power-up, and it occured to me that it might be interesting if said power up came with some sort of unwanted side-effect. For instance, a YAHF where Xander dresses as Inuyasha and gets stuck, only his costume included the rosary and someone else either went as Kagome or can 'sit' him for some other reason. Any cross and/or situation is fair game, YAHF, discovery of some mystical dohicky, whatever. Angst should be avoided, aim for annoying and/or embarrassing rather then depression inducing. N...
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I was re-watching the BtVS episode "Family" earlier and something occured to me. What if the MacClays' story about Tara being a demon wasn't completely bull. Note the completely. After all, there are plenty of supernatural beings who'd probably be seen as demonic by individuals as narrow minded as the MacClays. Or maybe it was something more complicated.

Challenge version one: Tara is, at least partly, something other then human. But not a demon, at least not in the BtVS sense of the word. Youkai, ect are allowed. There's a whole world (and a lot of anime and literature) full of folkl...
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We all know about the popularity of YAHF but it has occured to me that we've been overlooking something, namely that the Scoobies aren't the only people in Sunnydale to become their costumes. What else was going on that night?

The challenge:
Take one or more of the lesser BtVS characters and have them get caught up in the events of Halloween. You can have them interacting with the Scoobies a bit if you want, but don't let them become too involved. Try and keep the Scooby Gang's presence to cameos. You can use characters whose costumes we know (e.g. Larry the Pirate) or you can mak...
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As a slight variation on real-family fics, what if one of the Scoobies had something not human in their heritage?

#No mutants. They are still human so you can't use them.
# Don't go over the top, i.e. humanoids only.
#Stay off the beaten track. You can't use Xander.
#Try and make it as big a shock to the character as humanly possible.

#Although aliens are allowed, supernatural stuff is encouraged.
# If you're in need of ideas, Vertigo as come up with some rather interesting human/something else hybrids as well as having some like...
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I've read a lot of timetravel fics but most of them seem to entail going back in time. Why not send the Scoobies into the future for a change?

Plot:At least three Scoobies get sent forward in time somehow. The means of doing so are up to you. The future in question has to be based on a movie, e.g. A.I., I, Robot, The Fifth Element, ect.

# While it is encouraged that the version of the future being used be slightly messed up, don't go with anything totally FUBAR.
# Don't have the Scoobies come back to their own time bent on changing the future and suceed...
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