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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author deltanegative

Vampires are trying to take over Hell's Kitchen, Faith is sent to investigate and meets up with Matt Murdoch and/or Daredevil.

The 'ship must be Faith/Matt, or Faith/Daredevil, but it's up to you if Faith gets to know his secret identity.
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A few years after "Chosen", Faith decides to contact her family.

She goes back to the record store to find her brother Lucas, and their foster father Joe. Lucas and Joe know that she is the Slayer, but she left after Kakistos killed her Watcher because she was afraid that he would come after her family. Can be any rating.

-Faith/Xander pairing
-Faith is a talented musician, joe taught her to play the drums and Berko taught her guitar.
-Joe and Giles bond over their love of music.
-there is a huge party like in the end of the movie.
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Crossover with Leathal Weapon,
-Set Aftert Chosen and L.W 4 (can be anytime in the future)
-Riggs is Faith's long lost father
-Must have Faith/Xander romance
-Must have a night of babysitting (any adult with any child)
-Someone must comment on the mebers of the Scobbies weird first names
-There must be a thunder storm
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