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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Iceflame

Summary: Ethan Rayne's Halloween entertainment twisted to the 9th Degree. But this time, the choice for costumes becomes VERY interesting, as Buffy and co. decide to take up an Anita Blake theme.

Time: Any Season. If you want a threesome that was impossible in Canon at any time, or add in some of Angel's crew, be my guest.

Must Haves:

1. Buffy and at LEAST two others dress up in an Anita Blake theme. This can be the Canon Triumvirate, or a made up version. Examples include:

Canon (Vampire, Werewolf, Necromancer)
Variant 1 (Vampire, Wereleopard, W...
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I was trolling through the Video Game section and noted that 90% of the stories was Xander-centric, which got me brooding. This is the result.

Pick a Video Game to cross with Buffy, it don't have to be from the Preferred Games List you'll find lower down, as long as the other must haves are followed.

Must Haves:

Buffy and/or Faith as the Main Character

Preferred Games List:

Diablo II/ D II: Lord of Destruction
Baldur's Gate (Any)
Devil May Cry (Any)
Bloodrayne (Any)
Knights of the Old Republic (I or II, or both!)
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I've seen a few stories and challenges where Willow's vengeance hunt after Tara's death had after effects on Buffy. So here's my Challenge.

At some point during Dark Willow's rampage, something happens; it could be a Buffy vs. Darth Willow battle, it could be Willow cursing Buffy, it could even be that after Xander's intervention that all that Dark Magic Willow absorbed was attracted to the next most powerful dark creature, which happens to be Buffy (Slayers being the top of the demonic food chain). Whatever happens has some kind of permanent effect or effects on her; effects that cam...
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Buffy/League of Extrodinary Gentlemen crossover

Summary: Buffy's encounter with Dracula brings changes to
Buffy's life.


1. Buffy aquiring the abilities of Dracula (like Mina Harker in LXG). This includes the ability to walk during daylight hours, and all the other neat tricks Mina pulled
in the movie. She also has the downsides like the need/lust for blood.

2. Pairing: Anyone who has a supernatural nature. If there's someone that you want to pair her with, have them aquire a supernatural ability/curse/etc. or have it b...
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BtVS/Gargoyles Challenge: Oberon's Daughter

I have seen very few Gargoyles crossovers; this challenge is in large part spawned by Doc4's story Slayer Knight, which can be found at in the Buffy crossover section.

Summary: Buffy finds that she is far more than just a Slayer, when she meets her REAL dad.

Challenger's Note: If the Author(s) want to, they can spread out the various events required as a series if so desired. The only request I have if you use this option is that if you can't write the next story yourself for any reason, you ...
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I love Buffy/Highlander Crossovers with Buffy as the Immortal (or one of the main Immortals), but most I've seen have her meet her First Death in Sunnydale. I'd like to see one though that:

1. Has Buffy as an Immortal Slayer older than 1,500 years of age, and not more than 3,000.

2. Has one member of the Scoobies be a pre-Immortal (NOT Xander), that Buffy trains when they suffer their First Death.

3. Has a Pairing with Buffy and one (or two for those inspired to do a threesome!) of the following, in no particular order: Angelus, Spike, Willow, Cordelia, Faith....
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