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Author kayley

This idea is one I would love to write but don't have time so I'm hoping it will inspire someone else...

Gibbs' team is called to a naval vessel in which everyone is dead bar one. The FBI is also called to the scene but as Fornell is unable to go, Booth and the Squints have been assigned given that they would be best suited for finding out what caused the death of those on board. Upon seeing the one person alive, Booth knows he has never seen him before; so how does he know his name is Connor?

Requirements and ideas:
* Mainly looking at NCIS and Bones but feel free to bri...
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Willow tends to be pretty good with a computer but could she live up to a few other computer geniuses without having to resort to magic? Or would she have to?

Can be crossed with NCIS (Abby and McGee), X-Files/Lone Gunmen (LGM), or any other series which have extraordinary computer wizards...

Bonus points if she takes on multiple people at one time!

Can be a one shot or a series, no length requirements
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100 word drabbles where one of the Buffy characters meets other characters that the actor has played in movies and tv shows (eg Buffy meeting Daphne, Willow meeting Michelle, Faith meeting Tru)
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