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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Lunas

Basic challange: Create a crossover using Edward, Anita, and whoever else you desire, along with Illyria at some point. Somethings though! Preternatural and "Supernatural" (I will use this to refer to the Buffy type) must be slightly different. The vamps must be different species but not know of another, except Buffy type vamps knowing of AB vamps but not vise versa. Edward must slowly be drawn into the new world somehow relating Dr/Ms (you choose) Winifred Burkle but the main Btvs or AtS char. is of you liking. Oh and werewolves, the types must be diff. too (if you have them) if you find ...
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After Illyria is summoned and the final season of Angel:
May be AU: i.e. having Wesley live, etc.

Have Illyria, disguised as Fred, be recruited into Stargate command. Have her be aware of what the stargate and ancients are but not of their fate, she is an old one.

Must have:
Illyria revealing her powers and her actual status as an Old One some point in the fic.

*would like but not necessary* A goa’uld being beaten by mystical forces on an undeveloped planet by the natives.

Have Illyria correct everyone’s pronunciation of Goa’uld, since most...
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The ancients are on a higher plane of existence but do not seem to fight for the light with champions. The PTB are gods, and other beings having risen to the level:

Make a scenario where:

The Stargate teams of Atlantis or Earth meet a champion or some other manifestation of the war between good and evil.

The ancients somehow become involved and try to “correct” the manifestation but find they cannot or it keeps getting reversed

Have the teams or one of the people from either show (Atlantis or SG1) slowly discover hells, heavens, and demon, and their d...
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