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Author jedibuttercup

The Captain of the *Flying Dutchman* (from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) ferries the souls of those who die at sea to the other side, and gives the dying a chance to join the crew rather than perish. But what would that Captain and crew-- who are essentially neither living nor dead-- make of a soulless vampire?

We know Spike crossed the oceans via cargo ship in canon, and Angel must have in the past. Not to mention countless other vampires.

Write a story about what happens after a ship bearing the vampire of your choice falls afoul of tragedy, and the *Dutchman* come...
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Write a story in which Kathryn Tully (from the short-lived Drive) is the same person as Winifred Burkle (or Illyria). It's completely up to you how that came to pass, or if you get any of the other Angel- or Buffy-verse characters involved in the Race.

* Should be set during the Race
* Can be based off my shortfic (linked to this challenge) if you want a starting point
* Bonus points if Alex Tully (Kathryn's husband, of Drive) is somehow also connected to one of Fillion's other characters, such as Mal Reynolds (Firefly), Caleb (Buffy S7), or Sherriff Bill Pardy (Slither)
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This is a Buffy/Angel/Stargate SG-1 challenge, primarily involving the characters of Buffy Summers, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, and Daniel Jackson.

While looking at various Stargate, Buffy & Angel resource sites, I noticed some very interesting dates (according to US airing):

3.12.2002 - BtVS "Normal Again" (6.17), the episode where Buffy is poisoned and nearly kills all her friends while in the grip of a delusion she's been a mental patient, not a Slayer, for the last several years. (The next episode, "Entropy", did not air until 4.30.2002).

4.15.2002 - AtS "Forgivin...
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The Scoobies can be a pretty clueless bunch sometimes, well acquainted with, shall we say, the River De Nile. What would happen if one of them acquired -- through inheritance, loot from a demon's lair, on the shelf in a junk shop, whatever -- Jack Sparrow's "broken compass", which always points to what a person's heart wants most?

(At some point shortly thereafter, they must be told the story behind it, or find its legend in Giles' books, or hear its history from Anya, or some other means of revelation so there's no mistake about its purpose, though they don't have to reveal owners...
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One (or more) of the Scoobies and/or Fang Gang is a re-incarnated mortal from Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" universe. For a twist, however, there can be no time-travel or dimensional travel involved; everything that happened back then is very much in the past, and they can't go back. The story must unfold in the "present" day, though flashbacks are encouraged.

The challenge is: have something about that past-- a surviving heirloom, a reincarnated lover or enemy, some prophecy involving a specific bloodline or person, etc.-- rear up to complicate the life of the character (or charact...
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Based on Stargate SG-1 epsiode 9.13, "Ripple Effect".

Here's the background:

Several alternate versions of SG-1 ended up temporarily stranded at our SGC due to a situation affecting our Stargate. While there, the members of our SG-1 talk to several of the teams. (Most of them are virtually identical to our Season 9 cast, as they are from the very nearmost alternate realities in the multiverse-- this means there are no *significant* deviations from our timeline, though some details/individuals do vary. I won't mention anything else about the plot, as this is a new episode a...
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