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Author cwolf

I've taken to watching an anime series called Angel Heart. summary below all this

1)Anya filled out a donor card.

2) Buffy and crew managed to get her body and a few others out.

3) an assassin needs a heart to live. there is not a requirement for the plot to match the anime. except that random memories from the donor are retained in the person receiving the heart

4)I specified multiple crossings, due to the fact that there are several series American and otherwise, about assassins. Surprise me, I'm in the mood for one. Did not specify Angel Heart du...
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(Book) Alien Factor (Stan Lee/BTVS

check on whether it's allowed first. I have yet to hear of Stan Lee complaining about fanfics however.

More specifically, a cross between Logan's Losers in (Alien Factor) and BTVS
Slash not allowed.

PG-13 or above.

Timeframe: Post Season 7 Buffy to World War II after Alien Factor takes place.

Summary: Xander takes a road trip with Willow. They visit Auschwitz

- can have one other person on the trip.
- touch a little on Willow's feelings as Jewish and Xander's as her friend.
- find a way f...
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