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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author willowbee

Though the Key of Dimensions was only really mentioned for one season and seems to have ceased to exist entirely, this challenge focuses on the Key.

For the sake of this story, the Key is made of a combination of the energies used by the Guardians of the Universe (the people in charge of the Green Lantern Corps) and the Zamarons (the Guardian's mates) and was created before they left Maltus (the planet they evolved on). When Buffy jumped into the portal in the Gift, Dawn lost the ability to access her powers as the Key, though she was still the Key. When Willow performs her spell to ...
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Dawn was supposedly made from Buffy's blood. What does this mean?

For the purpose of this challenge, the definition of "made from Buffy's blood" is this:

-Buffy is essentially Dawn's mother.
-Half of Dawn's blood comes from a male character.
-This male character is essentially Dawn's father.


1) Dawn must find out about this through one of the following:
a-A botched spell.
b-Records belonging to the Initiative.
c-A genetic test which gave her paternity either accidentally or on purpose.

2)If there is a pairing, Dawn m...
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