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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author WinglessCrow

After early losses, the Watcher's Council left Silent Hill alone. But now the forces in the town have begun to reach out into the minds and dreams of Champions and they can't afford to ignore it any longer.

* Please, please no Pyramid Head. The game designers have already over-used him. :P
* Bonus points for including Faith, Giles, and/or Anya.
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Ultraviolet (UK mini-series)/BtVS crossovers.

I am fixated on the idea that Pearse Harman is/was a member of the Watchers' Council.

1) Pre-series for both. What drove Pearse Harman to create his faux-CIB vampire-hunting agency? Pearse as an ex-Watcher, Harman/Giles friendship perhaps? I can easily see him getting frustrated by the council's inability to adapt new technology to kill vampires (stakes & crossbows, => carbon bullets & allicin gas bombs/grenades).

2) Faith's Watcher. Whether Pearse was assigned to her originally, after Diana Dormer was kille...
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