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Author SlayerandWereLeopard

To rid himself of Buffy as an enemy, Ethan Rayne allied himself with a cult. During a fight, Buffy is hit by a nasty spell that de-aged her and sent to work in the the Tower of heaven (just when erza and company arrive). Erza and Buffy become as close as sisters, and joins fairy tail together (or have them be split up and join back later).

Nice to have:
- Buffy's powers reflecting her slayer self (for example, lets her use Fiore Devil Slayer Magic)
- would be funny to see how mira and buffy react around each other first, but would like them to become close friends as well....
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Would be very entertaining to see the gang go as characters from Fairy tail for Halloween:

Xander: Natsu
Buffy: Erza

Bonus points:
Giles: Gildarts or Markarov
Tara: Lucy
Jenny: Ultear or Cana
Joyce: Polyusica or Lucy's mother
Cordy: Kagura or Minerva

Tried to choose characters that could enhance their current abilities. Imagine Buffy re-equipping armor while slaying, or Willow and Buffy intimidating enemies in Satan soul and purgatory armor respectively! Also, natsu seems to fit Xander's character, and he would get some great...
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Just some fun (probably overused in other areas) ideas to get Buffy in Anime shows. There are not enough of these around :D Feel free to add other Anime/manga though. These would be interesting, since it could show how Buffy being a slayer would affect her abilities and mentality, especially considering the slayer essence was technically a demon.

Pairings (if any) would be up to author, even though I slide towards the Yuri side, but its not required. Rating and length would also be up to author. I tried to leave it as open as possible to generate ideas.

At the beginning of ...
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YAHF: Buffy, Faith and two other ladies from Buffy dress as Noir for Halloween (and after the spell stopped the personalities and memories stayed behind). Do not care when it is but Buffy and Faith need to be on good terms. Bonus points for bending the time line (eg. faith in season 2 not Kendra and faith visits for Halloween). More bonus points if its tired into a longer fic.

Buffy = kirika
faith = Chole
tara = Marielle
Jenny = Altena

How would the demons fair with these 4 teamed up - especially with "Dark Kirika" lol.
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To save Buffy or make her see the truth (perhaps watchers are evil) she is bound to alucard (or seras). They could show her how to access more slayer powers and/or that slayers are more closely related to vampires than they thought. Would not matter to me which verse's villains you bring in.

Interesting to have:
- maybe Hellsing vampires are different than the hellmouth ones, and as a young slayer Drac can make himself her mentor? (read into this however you want)
- funny or more than friendly interaction between integra/buffy/seras/allucard
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Au season 1 episode the pack

The season one hyena episode ended differently:

1) Buffy was the one possessed by the spirit, not xander
2) it was a leopard or other cat spirit.
3) its the hell-mouth, somehow the students become were-leopards and a pard (with Buffy Obviously being leader)
4) Doppelganger vamp willow makes an appearance. The leopards are her animal to call

Nice to haves:
- Buffy and Faith having fun at the Bronze like in Bad Girls but nothing goes wrong - maybe some nice f/f action but not required.
- I really do not like xander woul...
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What if instead of the noble woman dress, she went as Inner Moka. Something happens while they are ending the spell and a version of Inner moka stays with Buffy.

Would be great to see Buffy and Inner moka getting along, they seem somewhat similar.

How would Inner moka's vampire-ness affect Buffy's inner slayer and how would Buffy's slayer and/or human half affect inner moka? Maybe Inner moka can take over the slayer portion/share the same body like?

Bonus points for inner moka training Buffy :)

Have fun and feel free to change aspects.
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Rayne hears that Dracula is gunning for the slayer so she goes to help by training Buffy.

At some point:
- Rayne binds the slayer to herself (accidental instincts or not), giving both more power but would protect Buffy from Dracula. It could be that the slayer essence or even buffy herself is related to Rayne herself an/or Kagan (sp?) and this is what Rayne sensed in Buffy when she bound her.
-Buffy becomes a dhamphir (perhaps all slayers are or there is more to the story of how she slipped through the cracks)
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This is kind of based on an unfinished fic from BillGopher on (Storm Warnings) but different way to get there.

When Buffy helped out in "Anne", Buffy, Lily, and another escapee (Tara McClay), had to find an alternate exit. Unfortunately, this lands them in Bacchus' cave in Ancient Greece. whether its before Xena and Gabrielle turn up there is up to the author but they all become Bacchae and somehow get back to Sunnydale.

Some ideas:
- The pack come upon Kendra's replacement Faith who tries to kill them since she thinks they are vamps working for the major. ...
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Years after Mina and the League defeated the Phantom, she had a daughter with a mortal and gave birth to a child, Buffy (making Buffy a Dhampir).

From here there are two possibilities:
A. Buffy and Mina moved to the Hellmouth
B. Buffy had no idea that she was adopted when Mina arrives in Sunnydale.

Would be interesting to see the relationship between the two (either developing or developed mother/daughter). Also, Mina would be a better vamp protecter than angel, and maybe she takes over the nightlife to prevent deaths.

- after LXG Mina become...
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Challenge is simple. Write a Buffy/Oz pairing fiction. You don't have to cross it over with anything else. Perhaps set it in season 1. Oz would still have to be a werewolf. Its up to the author if angel is in the picture or not.

If you want to do a crossover with the duo here are some ideas:
- Underworld
- Anita Blake
- Forever Knight
- Gone in 60 Seconds
- Elektra

Buffy would still be the slayer.

Must Not:
- No "Key", glory, warren and his gang, or the whole "first evil is back" deal.
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