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Author Lucinda

We all know what Joss decreed - Drusilla slit Kendra's throat in the library, there was much bleeding (and why didn't Dru drink any of that powerful Slayer blood, hmmm?), and Kendra's dead body was found in the library, removed, and became a) another dead Slayer, Call the next one and b) one more problem for Buffy - what was your connection with the unidentified dead woman from the library? Joss wrote it, and it was so...

But what if that wasn't what really happened? What if Kendra wasn't as dead as we thought?

You could go the route that claims that the injury wasn't quite...
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An idea that came to me in the middle of the night, one that I'm trying not to write myself due to far too many WiP's.

The main BtVS character is to be a Slayer, your choice which one. I'd like to see Kendra or Faith, but any Slayer will work.

Give her a pet. Something that she can get attached to and fuss over. Preferably something unusual. And who's to say that a Slayer will have the same idea of what makes a good pet that an ordinary girl who doesn't know about the nasty things in the dark would?

Maybe she ends up with a Mogwi (from the Gremlins movies). Mayb...
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By this time, I think that everybody's seen at least one Harry Potter crossover fic involving the idea of a Marriage Law - where the Ministry of Magic for some reason passes a law permitting or demanding that the Pure-Bloods marry a mixed blood or muggle-born magical user, often indicating that the pure-blood can then run things as they see fit. While I'm uncertain where those fics got started, they hit the crossover scene by involving the Order using the law to gain allies, people who might not otherwise have the time or resources to place on an English struggle (where are all the other dem...
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As we know, in BtVS season 3, Cordelia made a Wish, which resulted in an alternate world containing VampWillow and VampXander, the Master risen and controlling the Hellmouth, and a cold Buffy from the Cleveland Hellmouth. It was very different.

Forget all that. Say that Cordelia made a completely different wish that either brings forth someone or something from a crossover setting to Sunnydale (either some form of horrible punishment or some sort of superior boyfriend material) or sends someone that she feels was responsible or possibly herself to a crossover location.

This d...
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In the X-Men comics, a villain named Nathaniel Essex (also called Mr. Sinister) created a clone of Jean Grey. This clone (Madelyn Pryor) was grown to adulthood very rapidly, implanted with false memories, and placed where she would bump into Scott after Jean's death (right before the Phoenix saga). Madelyn Pryor (the clone) later developed telepathic and telekinetic abilities similar to Jean's.

The point? What if Madelyn wasn't the only clone that Sinister produced? What if there was an earlier clone (or clones) that had to mature at the normal human speed? And, while Sinister is ...
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