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Author Greywizard

Here's an evil idea! Remember the body switching episode in Season Four ?

What if Faith accidentally changed places with Joyce instead of Buffy during body-witching episode, 'Who Are You,' and the strain triggers a latent aneurysm in Joyce's body, killing Faith and leaving Joyce stuck in Faith's body?

How would the Scoobies deal with this situation, since the Council will still be searching for Faith and probably won't believe (or care) that Joyce is now occupying Faith's body? They just want to control the Slayer - they don't actually care who she might be.

What n...
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I've seen a vast number of challenges here which involve Xander being transformed into a woman because of mistakes or problems generated by the Halloween costume he chose, so I'd like to suggest that the same consideration be given to the other Scoobies.

How would Willow react if the ghost costume she chose was a 'Casper' costume and she was transformed into the boy Casper had been prior to his death?

What would Buffy do if the gown she chose at Ethan's had originally been owned by a female impersonator, and she is transformed into him when the spell hits? And that she doesn...
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No, this isn't a challenge about Angel, despite what the title might make you think. It's about the champion brooder of the DC Universe – Bruce Wayne, AKA The Batman.

I think this would be best suited to the movieverse Batman, happening early in his career, but if you want to set this in the current DC Universe, feel free to do so.

Basically, the challenge is that Batman comes up against a Scoobyverse vampire during one of his nightly patrols and is drained and Turned. Fortunately for Gotham and the rest of the DC Universe, though, the Bat also happens to be a Highlander ...
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Okay, I thought I saw a similar challenge posted here some time back, but a search of the challenges didn't show it, so I'm making this one official.

I'd like to see a story where the Initiative officially shows up in Sunnydale a bit earlier than in canon.

Whether this is just a few months or several years early doesn't really matter, but the time frame when they begin surveilling the town and what they observe can have a significant effect on how the initiative people begin interacting with the Scoobies.

For example, if they see Xander, Cordy, Willow and Oz steali...
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For some mystical reason, Buffy, Xander and Angel all regain memories of their previous lives as Anita, Richard and Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake-verse.

The time frame when this occurs and the reason it occurs is left up to the writer, but an excellent branching off point for this to happen would be at the end of "Prophecy Girl,' when Buffy is being revived by Xander and all three of them are together at what is, without question, a major metaphysical event, since Buffy's dying and then being snatched back from the brink of death could conceivably shatter whatever mystical barriers...
Anita Blake • Responses [1] • Date Added [12 Nov 09]
I'd love to see the consequences that would follow from some idiot demons or would-be human mages inadvertently kidnapping one of the characters Alyson Hannigan played in various shows, while thinking that they had actually kidnapped Willow Rosenberg.

Veronica Mars would certainly become involved if someone grabbed Trina Echolls from Neptune, while Michelle Flaherty-Levenstein's kidnapping would probably cause Jim to gather his friends together to figure out just what exactly is going on, and can you imagine getting Barney Stinson involved if Lily Aldrin disappears under mysterious ci...
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Possible crossover: Any Stargate series and any season.

We never did find out exactly what happened to Acathla after Buffy sent Angel to Hell and closed the portal the demon opened at the end of season Two of Buffy. While it's possible that Giles and the Scoobies might have spent a couple days using sledgehammers to reduce the demon statue to gravel for use under Giles' backyard patio, it is more likely that the Council sent out a retrieval team to take possession of the statue and store it away, in order to ensure that no one tried to open another portal. And since the Old Council...
Stargate • Responses [1] • Date Added [23 May 09]
Okay, first some background: The demon that the Shadow Men, the wizards who first empowered the Slayer, chose to enslave was an ancient and powerful one, and they were able to overpower it and use it in the ritual only because it had previously been weakened in a battle with another equally powerful demon.

The enhanced physical abilities and the precognitive Slayer dreams a Slayer gains are all initial manifestations of the demon's power. As a Slayer ages and gains more experience, the demon's innate abilities grow stronger in them, empowering them, and that is why they are so succ...
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Sylar shows up in Sunnydale looking for members of the Scooby Gang, believing them to be 'special' people like himself.

In what season of BtVS does he show up? And which Sylar (pre- or post-mid-season three 'Heroes') appears is up to the discretion of the writer. Is he looking to gain their abilities for himself or is seeking help to atone for his earlier behavior?

Can he duplicate demons' abilities, or is he limited to humans? And is the ability to perform magic determined by a person's chromosomes, or can anyone do it?

What would his reaction be if he were conta...
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James and Lily develop and cast a spell that will send Harry to a place where he will be safe from any attempts by Tom Riddle/Voldemort to kill or injure him, and he ends up on the Summers front porch in the evening of the day that the Scoobies cast the Joining spell to defeat ADAM. Whether this means that the Wizarding is in the same dimension as the Scooby-verse is up to the author.

In any event, when Buffy and the other Scoobies show up after destroying ADAM and discover Harry on the porch, the residual magic of the Joining spell (which united all four of them into a single being)...
Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Dec 08]
I'd love to see someone come up with stories showing what could happen if a Tok'ra had blended with a host who was from a series or mythos other than the Buffy or Angel series.

Imagine what the results would be if someone like Bill or Ted from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure were a host.

What kind of mayhem could be expected if Martin Riggs or Roger Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapons series, John McClain, Jason Bourne, Harry, Helen or Dana Tasker, John Clark, Harry Callahan, Jethro Gibbs or Tony DiNozzo from NCIS or Sarah or John Connor ended up blending with a Tok'ra?...
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We've seen any number of stories showing how Harry Potter might turn out if he had been raised by someone other than the Dursleys. What I would like to see is a story showing him being raised by Sarah Connor, who's paraphrased Kyle Reese's first words to her after finding Harry.

Yes, *that* Sarah Connor - the mother of John Connor and the woman Skynet tried to kill before she was even pregnant with her son.

How she ends up with Harry is up to you, but there are any number of reasons how it could happen - she runs across Harry when the Dursleys abandon him during a business...
Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Feb 08]
When Ethan invoked Janus' power for the Halloween challenge, isn't it reasonable to think that some other deities or highly-powered beings would have noticed and possibly have decided to take advantage of the chaos Ethan released to further their own purposes?

I've already used this idea in several of my own stories to justify why some of the Scoobies retained their costumes powers, so why not let some of the other Sunnydale residents get the same privilege and fun?

Maybe Superman's semi-nemesis, Mr. Mxyzptlk, decides that raising havoc on the Hellmouth could be fun, especial...
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When Sirius Black was knocked through the Veil at the Department of Mysteries by Bellatrix’s spell, he ended up being thrown back through time and space and de-aged as well, before winding up in Sunnydale, CA as an apparently abandoned infant. As the Fates (who are total bastards) would have it, he is soon adopted by Tony and Jessica Harris.

Growing up in Sunnydale, everything in his life goes according to canon until the episode ‘Tabula Rasa’ (air date – November 13, 2001), when the crystal Willow used for the memory spell shatters and Xander regains ALL of his memories ...
Harry Potter • Responses [2] • Date Added [11 Jun 07] • Date Updated [16 May 08]
Remember back in the Season Four episode, "Primeval," when Willow, Giles and Xander joined with Buffy as a result of the Joining spell and were then visited visited by the First Slayer in "Restless" because she was outraged that Buffy had merged her essence with them?

Consider the possible results that could result when Willow uses the Scythe to activate the Potentials, and it turns out that all three have retained enough trace of the Slayer essence to be empowered, just like all of the Potentials.

What do you think the results would be when it becomes evident that the thre...
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