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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Stacia

The Highlander 'verse was hard on its characters, maybe even moreso than Buffy. In this challenge, you get to use a Buffy character (or more than one) to save your favorite dearly departed Immortal. The Buffy character should somehow avert the Highlander character's canon death, either on purpose, or by accident. You can save good guys, or bad guys.

Good guys

-Sean Burns
-Richie (only if you must)

Bad guys

-Xavier St. Cloud

These are just suggestions. Th...
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I've seen this challenge kicking around in the Highlander fandom for quite some time, and I think we should have a go here. It's quite simple. Just write a ficlet where your first sentence begins with the letter "A," the second begins with the letter "B," and so on all the way through to "Z."

Usually these stories are formatted so that each sentence begins on a new line. It makes the beginning letters easier to pick out, but I suppose it isn't necessary to do it that way.

*Bonus Points* will be awarded for the following:

making the ficlet tell an entire ...
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I've seen other 'twin' stories, but I don't think I've ever seen one with Giles. Specifically, I'd like to see a crossover with another ASH role. What would happen if Giles ran into his double from Manchild, or if he saw the new Prime Minister from Little Britain?

Bonus points for a bit of humor. Thanks!
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This challenge was inspired by Kamikazee's "10 Things That Never Happened" challenge (Just giving credit where credit is due.) I suggest inverting that challenge.

Pick ONE fandom and write ten 100-word drabbles using a different Buffy or Angel character for each one. The idea is to utilize the chosen fandom to the max. Use up heretofore unexplored plot bunnies.

Splitting the ten drabbles into 5 of one fandom and 5 of another is permitted, but you still have to use ten different characters.

Bonus points will be awarded for:

using min...
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