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Author ariannasanders

What would happen if, instead of Penny moving in across from the guys in the pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory, it was Dawn. It would be interesting to see her reactions to them and vice versa.
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When I heard Perfect Circle's song The Noose, I immediately thought of Severus Snape.
What I would like to see:
preferably a slash with Xander or Giles and Severus
someone wanting a relationship with one of the two and the other protesting because of guilt over the past

what I don't want:
an immediate resolution to all of Angel's or Severus' guilt over their past. They've both done a lot of evil and it's gonna take them a while to get over it.

The lyrics to the song are:

So glad to see you have overcome them
Completely silent now
With hea...
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House M.D./ Buffy Crossover

Xander/Gregory House

Xander has moved to an area near the PPTH and encounters House. After meeting House, Xander is intrigued and starts to pursue him.

Reasons Xander and House meet can include, but are not limited to:

Xander has a new job with a construction company in the area that is working on the PPTH.
Bonus if they meet by fighting over who gets the last Reuben sandwich.

Xander starts up a new school for slayers in the area and has to bring one into the clinic after a fight.

Xander, after meetin...
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