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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author texaswookie

A lot of people like to play with changing of costumes with the YAHF due to Snyder making a theme for the escorts. With that in mind why not have a pirate theme. Sunnydale is now host to a legion of pirates. If you want to make it even crazier have the various pirate ships appear at port as well. What would the streets of Sunnydale be like with a bunch of marauding pirates running around with swords pistols and who knows what else.

Costume Ideas.

Dread Pirate Roberts-Princess Bride (This one I'm really hoping for.)

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Black Swan Cre...
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The primal hyena power that Xander had during the Pack episode nearly made him an equal to the Slayer. (That's direct from the episode from Giles folks.) The reason that he couldn't hold onto the power though was because it would have destroyed his body, and the instincts were overcoming his mind. What if the group figured an alternative way to route the power though? What if they were able to transfer the power into something similar to the statue that White Tiger from Marvel uses. The power would then theoretically be diluted enough to not overtake him while still allowing him to make use of...
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The Key was supposed to be made from the Slayer which means at the very least it should have looked similar to Buffy. In that part you might say the actress that played the sister was somewhat miscast in that regards. She simply didn't look like much of a sister. The challenge is to pick a character that is small, and blonde, and have them take Dawn's place as the younger sister of the Slayer.
Some suggestions on characters that could take the place of Dawn.
Veronica Mars
Chloe Sullivan
Claire Bennent
Luna Lovegood
Sabrina Spellman
Annabeth Chase
B.B Kiddo
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On Career day Buffy was supposed to have scored high in Law Enforcement. With that in mind what if Buffy had pursued a career in Law enforcement. What would her life be if she was to join some sort of law enforcement and how would it make her life as a slayer go?
There are several different Cop Shows and movie out there that you can draw your inspiration from.

N.C.I.S kind of hoping this one gets skipped as its been done enough times. It would still count though.

SHIELD-L.A used to be her home

Rookie Blue-After Sunnydale she had to find a new source of income...
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What if John Winchester was the commander of the Initiative or the one that they brought in to replace Walsh? He was a former marine with a reputation as being one of the most skilled hunters that was around at the time. What kind of force would he have turned Initiative into? He wouldn't have allowed for some of the crap that Walsh had allowed to happen experimenting would have only been to see the best way to kill the demons.
We've seen what happens when he only had his sons what would have happened if the government gave him the resources to really take the war against the supernatura...
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Kind of surprised I haven't seen anything like this yet but here we go. In Supernatural its a fact that instead of going to heaven monsters go to purgatory. With that in mind it makes me wonder what would happen if some of our heroes somehow ended up there. How many of their old foes would they end up meeting in the afterlife of the monsters. And how long could a Scooby manage to survive in a world that was made up of defeated and destroyed monsters. Heck you could even add in foes from other shows like Charmed.

-> Angel or Spike be your main character since their ...
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Here's an idea I've had for Halloween lately. What if on Halloween the scoobies dressed as comic book characters but for every character they dress as someone else has dressed the equivalent counterpart from an opposing comic company. Potential examples. Xander=Green Arrow so Andrew dressed as Hawkeye, Willow=Fairchild So Cordy dressed as She-Hulk, Buffy=Wonder Woman so Larry=Thor, Giles=Captain Britain Ethan=Captain Marvel.

The Scoobies don't have to all go from the same universe either if you wish to mix and match and make some of them counterparts to each other. Willow=Black Wido...
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For those who remember Dark Angel the X-5's believed in a god known simply as the blue lady going as far as to sacrifice their teeth. Once out in the real world one of them became a bit fanatical about their belief and had to be put down because they were hunting people down for sacrifices. Well what if these little trained killers found a new blue lady? What would Illyria do if she had a worshiper that was a genetically superior human. What if she gathered the runaways to her and had a brand new cult.
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Take your favorite musical, and come on we all have one even if we don’t want to admit it.
Pick anywhere from High School Musical /Singing in the Rain/Grease/West Side Story/Fiddler on the Roof/King & I/Flower Drum Song or even a show that decided to have a musical episode. I’m remembering Xena having at least two of those, and remember hearing that there was a power ranger one on youtube. Then have Sweet watching from on high or whatever and enjoying the mess that he’s causing. Or even make it that these are all problems that he’s caused throughout his time as a demon. In the...
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Harry Potter & Hermione Granger-Potter are Buffy Summers parents but Buffy was kidnapped from them. (Angry Death Eaters / Jealous Weasley’s / some other enemies) By the time they traced her to an adoption center she had been lost into the system. A few memory charms to make them think that a child had been there longer or even killing one child and replacing it with the Potter girl. Something happens that sends a magical pulse from the hellmouth and all of the world’s top magical battling teams are sent to investigate. Or the signature is something that triggers an alert for a british ...
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Joyce Summers is not real. She is really Hermione Jean/Jane Granger-Potter former member of the infamous Golden Trio and little Miss Know it all Witch. HG & BS both had glamour and magic bound.Former Death Eaters performed memory spell on her and gave her a new life to hurt HP who only knew that his wife and daughter were alive but nothing else. When the Scoobies break a spell that affects Buffy it also destroys the Death Eater magic and reminds Joyce of whom and what she is. Harry comes tearing to Sunny-Hell once he learns where they are. Or maybe during the confrontation at the end of ...
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I think that the Challenge title explains it all but just in case. Every good guy in the series has been snaked by now I think the only one I'm doubtful on is Oz and Conner. What if Adam had left the Hellmouth and decided to find a bigger and more impressive operation to take over. what if he went through the stargate and somehow got snaked. Would the scoobies have to be called in to help or would the SGC decide to clean up the mess that had been made on their own.
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Alright a lot of us know that the Buffy Summers character was supposed to be based on the Kitty Pryde character from the X-Men. At least I read that somewhere.
With that in mind I have to wonder why no one has ever used Halloween to make Buffy Shadowcat. I can really see it particularly if my memory is correct and in the third X-Film Kitty had an X uniform with pink in it. (Buffy would find that a cute version)
If you’d rather go comic that’s fine with me, but if you do that there is only one requirement. Lockheed. If you don’t understand that then you probably don’t know the ...
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On Halloween each of the scoobs went as a different character from a different Anime. Upon finding the Janus bust they all attack it only for the Bust to absorb them and send them to the worlds they dressed as.
Eventually Giles manages to return them after 3 months, but in that time the teens have lived through entire lifetimes of pain and suffering.
Here's a suggestion on who they could have gone as. A Avatar=Buffy A Naruto Character=Xander (One of the dog ninja maybe) Full-metal=Willow just about any average alchemist.
A side effect of their returning fully trained in their ab...
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Buffy is not really the Slayer but is a Demi-God like Cassie AKA Wonder Girl.
Xander is not really human but is a hybrid clone of human and alien cells. Instead of Luthor’s cells though they used Batman’s. Scary combo there.Because of the magic on the Hellmouth it stopped Xander’s abilities from activating.
When Buffy runs away Xander goes with the others to help look for his friend. While he/they are searching for the missing slayer. LA is attacked and Xander and Buffy end up getting into a fight with someone or something. (Super villain or Alien Invasion)
Cassie is Buffy...
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